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Episode 32: Nerdist Writers Panel
Damon Lindelof

Nerdist Writers Panel #32: Damon Lindelof

An in depth chat with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof about comics, Star Wars, sequels, Star Trek, JJ Abrams, fandom… everything you want a Damon Lindelof to talk about.

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  1. Kegelbahn says:

    Even if it had nothing to do with Lost, I enjoy gtneitg to know who the actors behind the characters really are.We also have to remember that it was the last part of the interview from the last podcast where Evangeline discussed gtneitg casted as Kate. I feel they should have kept the entire interview in one podcast since the part in this weeks podcast was a bit weak on it’s own but would have rounded off the entire interview pretty well.I don’t dislike Kate at all, she is one of my favourite characters due to her complex past and her position between Jack and Sawyer on the island. Why do you dislike her Chaim?

  2. personal preference says:

    1-on-1 interviews are so much more natural than panels.

  3. Alec says:

    It’s nice to look back on the show after it’s all over. I was super into the mystery and mythology of the show, and while I wasn’t part of the demographic that wanted another Kate-Sawyer-Jack triangle episode with a Kate-running-away flashback, the stories that I connect with the most now are ones like Hurley popping the clutch on the van, Charlie writing out his list to Claire, Desmond’s constant, the ’77 reunion, or Libby meeting Hurley again.

    It was interesting to hear Damon talk about the constraints of a universe weighing down on a writer. It did sometimes feel like there were episodes where someone would have a flashback while trudging through the rain forest, without having anything super revealing take place, just because the writers had to move that character from one physical location to another before [PLOT/EMOTIONAL MOMENT] could actually happen. And they couldn’t immediately follow up on the events we’d seen the previous week, because then we’d have had too many Locke or Sayid-centric episodes in a row.

    It seemed to really rear its head during season three (even ignoring the “stuck in a holding pattern because we don’t know when we can start moving into the end-game” aspect), when people were going back and forth between the Hydra and main islands, or trekking from the beach camp to the YMCA village. When you’re trying to keep as accurate an account of the passage of time as Lost did (and it really did- the dedicated/ crazy Lostpedia people were able to map out the exact post-crash chronology of events by matching their observations of the day/night cycle to the occasional bit of dialogue- at least, until all the crazy time stuff happened), I’d bet it could get pretty frustrating.

    You know what you want to tell, but you’ve got to wait until all the pieces on the board are in the right configuration again. I bet the looser take on the characters’ timelines was freeing. “Do we need to show every single day of this three-year period of time? Hell no, let’s just get to the point where our characters intersect!”

  4. Aaron says:

    When I saw Damon and Carlton at the last season of LOST Comic-Con panel, it was insane how perfect and funny it was. There was no awkward stops or weird happenings that are part of anything happening live. It almost seemed scripted how well it played out. I was so amazed how well Damon spoke. It was an experience. Look it up on youtube.

  5. Brian E. says:

    Only about 30min and already loving this. Damon’s fantastic.

  6. Pedak says:

    That “dead air” is where Damon answered all the lingering LOST questions.

  7. J. Smith says:

    While I enjoy all the episodes, I really like the one on one interviews. This was fantastic. Thank you!

  8. John Pavlich says:

    This was a great episode. I particularly loved the discussions about Lost. Quick question about the technical side of things: There is roughly 25 minutes of dead air after the interview wraps up, then we finally hear the Nerdist outro. Was this on purpose? 🙂

  9. Jessica says:

    I <3 Damon Lindelof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!