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Episode 154: Nerdist Writers Panel
Legend of Korra/Avatar: the Last Airbender

Nerdist Writers Panel #154: Legend of Korra/Avatar: the Last Airbender

Creators Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino talk about bringing their adventure/action/comedy/coming-of-age animated series to the screen, finding a new process for producing animated television, their non-cancellation, the big screen adaptation, and lots more.

The “Book 3” finale is available this Friday at and on many other platforms!

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  1. Jesse says:

    I have listened to this podcast 5 times. Love it!!!!

  2. Jesse says:

    I have listened to this podcast 5 times. Love it!!

  3. Brandon says:

    Amazinng interview! Finally some insight on the crazy movie. I love hearing stories about behind the scenes of the television animation industry. 

  4. Keith says:

    What an insightful interview! Thank you. I feel like Brian and Michael have some great comments/lessons even for things outside of the Avatar-verse. I’m favoriting this to come back and relisten in the future.

    • Keith says:

      Not sure how to edit my comment, but I really liked how Eric wanted them to pitch to him. He seems very supportive and mentor-like.

  5. ColinJ says:

    I have to wonder what the big falling out between the guys and Shyamalan was.
    Maybe it was their production’s refusal to use Sifu Kisu for the fight choreography.
    The bending in the movie was a half-assed mess, like everything else in it.

  6. Dora says:

    This is the best interview I have heard ever, super insightful, funny and real. It was hard to believe that movie came from the creators of the original series. That’s why  I’m really glad to have heard all the things they said about the movie because in reality that was the biggest fail of all time. It’s relief knowing that they know how horrible it was, not in any way to criticize them it’s just good to know that they relate to what the fans of the animated series feel about the movie. This is a great podcast!

    • ColinJ says:

      Yeah, I’m happy to finally hear their real thoughts on that abysmal movie. 
      They were very diplomatic and quiet when the movie came out. I believe at first they said they hadn’t seen it, which I didn’t believe for a moment.
      I felt so bad for them, especially since they had to have known how the fans would react to it.
      In fact, I often thought KORRA was almost an apology for the movie, even though they can’t blamed for it.

  7. Emily says:

    Great interview. I like how it opens with Bryan talking about that pot dealer show which I now have to check out, and not because I smoke ever…..

    @Jimmy, well said. Everyone’s free to have their own opinion, but to completely dump on Korra just because you don’t like it as much as the last series? Yeah there were some rough spots before book 3, but c’mon guys – this is the natural by-product of breaking new ground. Get it? Go find another American show with THAT level of animation, music, writing, etc., then criticize Korra. Korra’s the highest quality animated series coming out of the US right now; it’s made with pure love & devotion and I’m gonna be sad when it’s over.

    Also, I knew Nick was going to pull a dick move because I am psychic. (networks are dicks)

  8. alexahaha says:

    I blame nothing.  Thank you for what I thought was brilliant.  I’m 28 now and I can’t go to frikkin RISD now.  I just can’t.  Y’all my entirely my peeps.  Go frik yourselves.

  9. Pokeflirt says:

    Dope interview you got them talking about cool stuff. And they’re really smart and well spoken. Man I want to get famous and work with them lol

  10. Liam Astley says:

    I thought Book 2 of LoK was really patchy, I don’t mind characters having flaws or going down a dark path but it felt like they had Korra suddenly act like an idiot in order to get the plot going (and Bolin went from a loveable goof to a simpleton). It still had good bits though, and Book 3 has been really great. I can understand Avatar fans not getting into LoK because of the change in style but I find it bizarre that they think it’s more “kid’s stuff” than Avatar was!

    • I believe they were switching art studios during this time, The studio that does naruto and bleach did the first half, and starting with the avatar wan episode, it was back to studio MIR (they did last bender and first and third season, at the time they were tied up working on boondocks)

  11. PJ says:

    Really interesting discussion. I have to agree with Mike and Bryan on the criticisms of the show. Fans can be silly…

    I do wonder if Bryke’ll appear on Janet Varney’s podcast too.

  12. Erik Watt says: ….man what a take away thanks for heads up on high maintenance. 🙂

  13. Erik Watt says:

    i enjoy korra a bit more then atla. its awesome. 

  14. Lumpy says:

    AtLA grew and continues to grow, while LoK has diminished even amongst people who said “it will get better.” Perhaps this Book 3 is picking up, but a lot of damage has already been done just because the writers really wanted <this> to happen. LoK is brimming with ideas but lacking in substance and execution. It has an huge cast who have nothing to do either for the story or themselves. Characters rarely act like people but more as vehicles for the plot. You can not say that about AtLA even if you disliked it initially.

  15. Renjick says:

    Yeeeaaaaah, nope Bryke. No one is saying AtLA is perfect, only that its infinitely better written, entertaining, paced, and better characters than Korra. 

    • That anon says:

      Agreed. Korra is awful, shit tier tumblr shit. It’s kid stuff and it deserved being taken off the air.

      • Jimmy Stokes says:

        Dude, you and the guy you’re replying too are out of your mind. “Korra is kid’s stuff that deserves to be taken off the air”? WTF? Have you seen Nick’s regular programming? Korra is some the finest television out there right now.

        • Ry-man says:

          I have to agree with J. Stokes on this one.  Korra may not be as great as ATLA, but it’s miles beyond the rest of the turd blossoms that call themselves “NickToons”.