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Nerdist Super Bowl Eats: Party Food

Who says you can’t combine nerdiness and sports? If you’re planning a big Super Bowl Party we’re going to show you a few ways to celebrate football and fandom on Super Bowl Sunday through food, drinks, and a whole lot of fun.

Super Bowl Sunday is upon us and it’s time to party! What better way to combine football fandom and nerdy fandom than in one big geektastic Super Bowl party? Here are five nerdy snacks that are sure to please every party guest this weekend.

Daredevil Deviled Eggs-01312016
Daredeviled Eggs
Daredevil, the man without fear of boiling eggs. These party faves will be a hit with your guests and bring swift justice to your party.

catan nachos-01272016
Settlers of Catan Nachos via Kitchen Overlord
Wood for sheep, or guacamole?

Batman chips and salsa
When Batman invites you over for the big game, you better believe he’ll have a big bowl of bat-chips waiting for you.

Doctor Who Cassandra dip-01272016
Doctor Who Cassandra Dip by Superspacechick
Only the last human on earth would want to be left alone with this tasty Doctor Who-themed cheese dip. Jump in the TARDIS and head to the big game!

Bacon Bun-01302016
Bacon Hot Dog Buns by Grillocracy via Food Beast
No carbs, no problem. Eat the nightmares of vegans with this meat on meat Bacon Hot Dog Bun.

What will you be serving your guests on Superbowl Sunday? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on instagram to show us your nerdy Super Bowl party pics and check out even more geeky Super Bowl ideas on pinterest.

Images: Jenn Fujikawa,,, Grillocracy

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