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The Chris Pratt vs. Chris Evans Super Bowl War Continues… Now with T-Shirts!

Last week, Marvel superheroes and all around charming men Chris Evans and Chris Pratt entered themselves into a battle of wits and words over their beloved football teams, the Patriots and the Seahawks, respectively. Now that the two teams are facing off (so I hear) in the biggest televised event of the year, the game literally is on. The challenge first began when Captain America called out Star-Lord and his team on Twitter:

As the internet watched in rapt attention, the Chrises escalated their trash talk, resulting in a final bet. If the Patriots win the Super Bowl, Pratt will make an appearance at Christopher’s Haven in Boston in a Patriot’s jersey. If the Seahawks win, Evans has to dress up as Captain America and visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

And, lucky for all you sports/Chris fans out there, Tee Fury has stepped up to the plate (shut up I know that’s baseball) and created Chris vs. Chris shirts for the occasion. The shirt may not arrive by this Sunday, but the proceeds benefit both Chistopher’s Haven and the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Plus, they’ll help you cherish this adorable rivalry for years to come.


T-shirt design by Crystal ‘Bamboota’ Fontan

Now, I may not watch football, I may not be into sports, and I MAY have accidentally planned a movie marathon for the day of the Super Bowl. However, I do like both of these Marvel men, and they’re doing this for a good cause, so this is a Super Bowl bet I can get behind.

Chris Pratt tweeted a fan’s interpretation of his Star-Lord helmet with a little bit of Seattle Seahawks flare involved.


Will you be watching the game on Sunday? Are you Team Cap or Team Star-Lord? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Tom Correia says:

    See NFL SUPERHERO logo mashups at

  2. Jem says:

    It’s flair, not flare, unless you’re talking about those red sticks that you burn on the road if there’s a traffic accident. 

  3. Brant Grant says:


  4. Lindsay says:

    I’m so not a Patriots/Brady fan, but hate the Seahawks more. I’ve gotta go with the Star-Spangled man on this one. Cap’s got the right pick!

  5. ErikMarie says:

    I’m team “helping good causes” because regardless, both those places will benefit and so will we. I ordered my shirt as soon as I got paid today.

  6. bkitty says:

    Don’t care! Tee me! Go Sportsball! POINTS!

  7. shaylee says:

    i go with the team that gropes their balls rather than weighs them

  8. HercZanzibar says:

    So many haters, it’s tough being at the top. Can’t wait for every Pats td celebration to be a play on this dumbass deflategate witch hunt. Bring another one home, Tommy!

  9. Alison says:

    Team Star Lord!!

  10. JoeM says:

    Team Pratt for sure, GOHawks

  11. Ryan says:

    I am a huge Cap fan, but he’s going against my Seahawks. So, this man will be fighting along side Starlord.

  12. I am rooting for the Seahawks, but I admit i am really just enjoying all the shirtless Chris pics inspired by this “feud.”

  13. Proto says:

    Does it really matter?  Some very deserving younglings will be the ultimate winners.  And that is an EPIC thing!

  14. Amanda says:

    Team Starlord, only because I want to see more pictures of Captain America being adorable.

  15. Jason W says:

    I gotta go with the Cap on this one! Go Patriots! Ordered as soon as it was up. Check it

  16. Veronica says:

    Do we know when the shirt will be available on TeeFury? 

  17. Kyle Wagner says:

    How about some love for the artist of the shirt Bamboota!

  18. JD says:

    Team Cap….I hate the SeaChickens, their rampant PED suspensions,  Lynch and Sherman. 

    • yosef says:

      Yeah, so many PED’s, oh wait the one guy that got suspended for it is on the Cheatriots. How about that.

  19. Sam says:

    Sorry, Star-Spangled Man, but I’m gonna have to side with Starlord on this one. I’d rather root for a seagull than a team who has to weigh their balls.

  20. Redskull99 says:

    Team Quill.  I like Steve Rogers and all, but hate the Cheatriots.