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The Nerdist Staff’s Craziest GAME OF THRONES Season Finale Predictions

A semi-brief tally of all the developments of Game Of Thrones this season:

Stark sister squabbles, royal annulment revelations, ice javelins, naval battles, a field of fire, supersonic ravens and a lifeless Three-eyed one, the eradication of Houses Frey and Tyrell, Dragonstone and ancient cave drawings, the Citadel of Oldtown, poop montages, a cure for greyscale, the Snow-icide Squad of Eastwatch, a frozen lake of dead men, zombie dragons, and the budding romance of Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen.

Mother’s mercy a lot has happened during Game of Thrones shortened seventh season, and way too fast. This year’s unrelenting plot is why we have more questions than normal before a season finale, but we have something else too–plenty of predictions. So to get ready for Sunday night the Nerdist staff shared their own thoughts on what will definitely happen, the wildest things that might take place, and what they’re praying to the Lord of Light to see most of all. Read on below.


What Will Definitely Happen: Jon and Daenerys will get it on. If the boat’s rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’? I still don’t know if I ship them together, but based on the goo-goo eyes they were giving each other last week it seems like almost an inevitability at this point.

Craziest Prediction: Jaime and Cersei’s unborn baby is actually a dwarf, and the pregnancy will kill her the same way it killed their mother when Tyrion was born. Considering their genetics, it’s certainly possible at this point–and given the prophecy that Cersei will survive all of her children, it stands to reason that this latest product of Lannister incest might be what leads to her demise in the end.

The Thing I Most Want to See: Sansa and Arya team up against Littlefinger. I don’t want to give the writers too much credit yet, but it would certainly make up for all the sister tension that made me a combination of sad and mad. The Starks are stronger together than apart!


What Will Definitely Happen: Jon Snow and Daenerys will become an official couple. It’s time for an aunt to marry her nephew!

Craziest Prediction:
 Viserion and Drogon have a knock-out dragon brawl. With Viserion now on the side of the White Walkers, it’s time to see if an undead dragon breathes fire or ice.

The Thing I Most Hope to See:
Arya kills Littlefinger. Littlefinger has worn out his welcome; it’s time his scheming came to an end.


What Will Definitely Happen: Jon’s lineage will be revealed. Bran or Sam will share the information about Jon’s parents at just the right time.

Craziest Prediction: Ice Dragon Viserion will fly into action. His new, blue flames will be enough to breach the Wall and let the Night King’s army in.

The Thing I Most Want to See: That Arya isn’t actually Arya. I’d take any explanation that accounts for the weird business happening between her and Sansa.


What Will Definitely Happen: Cersei won’t care about the wight, but Jaime will. He’ll leave to help so she’ll mark him as a traitor. Tyrion will then goad Cersei into bragging about how great she thinks she is, and in the process reveal she’s manipulated Jaime with a fake pregnancy.
Craziest Prediction: Arya digs up Ned’s body, takes his face, scares the shit out of everyone in Winterfell as the undead lord of the North. Sansa will seem crazy trying to explain it’s really Arya.

The Thing I Most Want to See:
We’ll finally meet the unsung and undead heroes of Westeros, The White Walker Chain Brigade. They’ve been tirelessly making and transporting giant chains for years on the off-chance a dragon they didn’t know existed needs to be pulled out of a lake they weren’t headed to, after a fight they didn’t plan.


What Will Definitely Happen: Somehow, some way, we will all be disappointed.

Craziest Prediction: Varys IS a merman after all and uses his oceanic powers to mess Euron Greyjoy up real good. (I know they keep saying Varys isn’t a merman, but they also said Jon Snow was 100% absolutely totally dead–yep, for sure–and look what happened.)

The Thing I Most Want to See: Queen Sansa on the Iron Throne, with Bronn and Arya as joint captains of the Queensguard, Davos as Hand of the Queen, and Tyrion as Master of Coin. (Or any good job, really, as long as he survives and is making that gold!)


What Will Definitely Happen: Cleganebowl, Littlefinger gets straight up murdered, and some really rude jokes from Cersei about Dany only having two dragons now.

Craziest Prediction: A major human character will die. Now wouldn’t THAT be a shock for this season?

The Thing I Most Want to See: Bran be something other than a completely useless, cryptic dingus.


What will Definitely Happen: Some amazing dragon on dragon action–a true song of fire and ice! My years of playing Pokemon tell me that the fire one will beat the ice one, but being undead really complicates things. I’m still rooting for Daenerys, though it does not look good.

Craziest Prediction: Arya and Sansa are playing along with Littlefinger’s scheme to turn them against each other, and instead they’ll kill him together in the most glorious of ways.

The Thing I Most Want to See: I want Littlefinger to get the worst possible death in the history of deaths. I’m talking a death that they will be on about for years as the undisputed worst and most terrible death ever to air on TV. Hate that guy.


What Will Definitely Happen: Jon Snow is going to ride Rhaegal. He was the only member of the Snow-icide Squad not to get on a dragon in the last episode, and I suspect it’s because they’re saving it for a big triumphant he’s-a-true-Targaryen-riding-the-dragon-named-after-his-father moment.

Craziest Prediction: Jorah will die protecting Daenerys at King’s Landing. I don’t know that anyone thinks this is imminent but me, but the show hasn’t killed off anyone major in a while and what would be more tragic than Jorah dying heroically for his queen just as she’s falling in love with another new dude that’s not him?

The Thing I Most Want to See: Tormund and Brienne fighting side by side and then immediately making out. No explanation necessary.


What Will Definitely Happen: JON AND DANY ARE TOTES GONNA BONE. (I know. But still, it’s gonna happen.)

Craziest Prediction: The Wall comes down thanks to Viserion and the Night King

The Thing I Most Want to See: LITTLEFINGER DIES AT THE HANDS OF ARYA AND SANSA oh my god if this doesn’t happen I swear I will RIOT.


What Will Definitely Happen: Jonnyboy’s uncle, who we can assume might have some insight into his parentage, will reveal the truth to him during their beyond-the-wall hangout session.

Craziest Prediction: We will find out that Arya has been playing Littlefinger all along, and only screwing with Sansa as part of her larger scheme against him–possibly even determining him to be spying on their conversation in her quarters, as a direct callback to the prior episode in which we catch him peeping on the very room where the sisters would ultimately have their uncomfortable conversation.

The Thing I Most Hope to See: Davos does more crab meat shtick.


What Will Definitely Happen: Arya kills Littlefinger. One or the other isn’t getting out of the season alive, and who wouldn’t put their money on a face changer who’s clearly going to sniff out Baelish’s plan?

Craziest Prediction: Jon Snow rides Viserion. The bastard who’s equal parts fire and ice deserves to sit astride Big Ol’ Blue Eyes Wight Dragon.

The Thing I Most Hope to See: Brienne + Tormund = True Love. They can reenact the end of Sixteen Candles, the bough kiss in Titanic, or any number of scenes from The Princess Bride, it doesn’t matter what it looks like as long as they’re smooching.


What Will Definitely Happen: Nudity, sex and somebody dies, not necessarily in that order.

Craziest Prediction: We find out it’s a shared universe with Ballers

The Thing I Most Want to See: A Deadwood finale.

I don’t watch Game of Thrones. (Yet Ben still nailed his “definite” prediction.)


What Will Definitely Happen: Arya and Sansa will argue for no reason and I’ll be mad

Craziest Prediction: Cersei will team up/marry the Night King and become the Night Queen, with a dragon and everything and it will be terrifying but also SO COOL.

The Thing I Most Want to See: Arya and Sansa putting aside their beef and teaming up together against their true enemy, Littlefinger.


What Will Definitely Happen: Jon and Daenerys will get together. The two monarchs have great chemistry, and a royal marriage would cement both the North and the Unsullied/Dothraki under their rule.

My Craziest Prediction: Arya and Sansa have been playing Littlefinger this whole time. The Stark sisters have both been acting frustratingly out of character, but hopefully it’s all a ploy to get rid of Littlefinger.

What I Hope Will Happen: CleganeBowl. The Hound and The Mountain are finally meeting, which means a lifetime of brotherly grudges may finally be settled.


What Will Definitely Happen: Cersei and Dany are going to throw some major shade at one another. There’s no way these two aren’t going to conjure the spirit of the Queen of Thorns at this supposed meeting. 

Craziest Prediction: Littlefinger makes an alliance with the Night King. People forget that Littlefinger essentially started the War of the Five Kings, but if Bran knows, then Littlefinger really only has one possible ally left. Climb the ladder, Baelish. 

The Thing I Most Want to See: What happened to Yara Greyjoy? Don’t leave me hanging, HBO! (Would also settle for a scene in which Drogon and Ghost become the cutest unlikely animal friendship in all of Westeros.) 


What Will Definitely Happen: The White Walkers make it by the Wall after the undead Viserion melts it with his even hotter blue flame.

Craziest Prediction: There’s an ice dragon inside the Wall, and the Night King gets a second dragon, one who breathes fire and one who breathes ice. The Prince That Was Promised (JON), whose song is ice and fire, will defeat him in the series finale.

The Thing I Most Want to See: Jaime kills Cersei before she can blow up all her enemies again, is forgiven by Daenerys for killing her father the Mad King, then becomes a key member in the fight against the White Walkers. Oh and Bronn gets his castle.

And of course, our friends at Nerdist News have a slew of predictions all their own on who’ll make it out of the finale alive. Watch below!

But what about you? What do you think will happen Sunday night? Tell us in the comments below and on Facebook and Twitter what you think will definitely happen, your craziest prediction, and the thing you hope to see most of all.


Images: HBO

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