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Every Question We Need Answered by GAME OF THRONES’ Season Finale

Seven bloody hells, a lot has happened this year on Game of Thrones. Despite a shortened season, the first six episodes have been jam packed with stunning battles, dramatic twists, monumental revelations, and shocking moments.

Which is why we have a lot of questions we want answered Sunday night during the last episode of the season. Although”need” might be the more appropriate word, because we might not survive the winter if we don’t get them.

So here’s everything we hope to find out in the season seven finale.

Where is Sam going?

The last we saw of Sam, he was leaving the Citadel having “borrowed” some of the maesters’ oldest books, determined to find lost answers on how to defeat the White Walkers. But where is he going? To Dragonstone where he can find dragonglass? To Winterfell where he thinks he’ll find Jon? What about returning to Castle Black where he’s a sworn brother of the Night’s Watch? Or is it even possible following the deaths of his father and brother he is going home to Horn Hill? Sam seems to always be on the move, but this time we don’t know his destination.

Will Sam realize what Gilly discovered about Rhaegar marrying Lyanna?

More importantly than where Sam is going is whether or not along the way is he going to notice that Gilly stumbled upon the biggest ****ing revelation in the show’s history, the evidence that Rhaegar legally married Lyanna Stark, making Jon a true Targaryen and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. If it turns out Sam did finally notice that little nugget, he could be heading to King’s Landing where all of the monarchs vying for power will be meeting.

Will Bran tell anyone about Jon’s birth?

While Sam might not realize he’s sitting on the biggest information in the world, Bran still hasn’t told anyone about his vision at the Tower of Joy from the season six finale. Hey, uh, Bran, there were some readers who waited twenty years to have that theory confirmed, think you could mention it to literally anyone? And soon? Like this weekend soon?

What is Cersei planning for the big meeting?

When Jaime told Cersei about Daenerys’ desire to meet, this was her response: “I’ve come to believe that accommodation with the dragon queen could be in our immediate interest. She has the numbers, if we want to beat her we have to be clever. We have to fight her like father would have.” Cersei is planning something devious for this soirée, but we don’t know what it is exactly. Since this could be Cersei’s one and only chance to win this war and prevent a younger, more beautiful queen from replacing her like Maggy the Frog foretold all those years ago, her plan could make what she did to the Sept of Baelor look tame.

Will Jaime kill Cersei to stop her?

But what if Cersei refuses to deviate from her plan even after seeing the wight Jon brought back from beyond the Wall? What if despite real evidence of the White Walkers she still tries to destroy Daenerys and Jon Snow? Could Jaime, who saw how dangerous Cersei really is after the Sept of Baelor, and who was warned by a dying Olenna about how she’ll destroy him too, put an end to her for good? Especially if it means saving mankind. He saved thousands once from the Mad King, could he save far more this time by stopping the Mad Queen? Or at least himself?

Is Cersei really pregnant?

And might it be easier for Jaime to kill her if he learns Cersei lied about being pregnant in an attempt to manipulate him. That could prove to be the last evidence he needs to see her for what she really is.

What does Euron have planned?

Lost in the shuffle the last few episodes has been our favorite eyeliner-wearing pirate, but Euron won’t stay quiet forever. We know he’ll be at King’s Landing for the meeting, since the Iron Fleet was shown in the episode preview. What does he have up his sleeve?

Can a wight survive that far away from the Wall and his White Walker?

Of course a big factor in how that meeting will go depends on whether or not the captured wight will still be standing when they get there. We know very little of White Walker/wight magic, but we now know when the White Walker who raised the dead is killed their wights dies too. Does that mean the reanimation magic also has a physical limit to how far it extends?

Are we finally getting Cleganebowl?

Seriously, are we? The Hound looks headed to King’s Landing. His brother the Mountain is there. Let’s just finally do this.

Are Ellaria and Tyene both dead yet?

We never did see them again after Cersei kissed them goodbye. Tyene is most definitely dead, but does Cersei really still have Ellaria down there looking at her dead daughter?

What are the powers of a wight dragon?

There’s no precedent for a wight dragon. So does it breathe fire? Or does it breathe cold like the ice dragons of lore? We don’t know what powers the un-dead Viserion will give the Night King, but we bet it won’t be good for the living. And we can’t wait to find out what they are.

Will the White Walkers make it past the Wall? Is the Wall coming down?

Benjen once said the Wall has magic in it that stops the dead from marching passing it, but is there a way around that? Could they literally march around it on the frozen seas near Eastwatch? Can they climb over? Or will they bring the Wall down? We doubt any magical horns will show up this late in the game, but what if Viserion still breathes fire even though he’s dead? Can the Night King melt the Wall with dragonflame?

Are Jon and Daenerys going to become a couple?

Many fans are rooting for this budding relationship to kick into high gear, but many other fans remember she is his aunt. So…uh…you know, either way we hope to see where this is headed.

Does greyscale still have a part to play?

The show dedicated a lot of time to greyscale, gave it to a major character, and then he immediately found a miraculous cure. And that’s it? That’s the payoff? We’re archmaester skeptical about that. So what role will greyscale play in the story, and will it show up in this season’s finale?

Will Melisandre make it back? If so, who will come with her?

She said she’s coming back to Westeros to die, but when? And will she return with anyone from Volantis, like devoted followers of the Lord of Light who populate the city and might be willing combatants in the war against the darkness?

Will Varys survive?

Speaking of Melisandre, she did say that, like her, Varys will die in Westeros. Uh…does she mean soon? Like Sunday night soon? We hope not.

Will Sansa or Arya kill the other? If not, does that mean the end of Baelish?

Since Sansa and Arya can’t take five minutes to catch up and clear the air rather than speak in vague terms about their pasts, they appear on the verge of mutual destruction. But will they turn on one another? Or will they remember a wolf is stronger as part of the pack? And if they do realize they are being played by Baelish, does that mean he has finally met his fate? Could Arya add him to her list, and his face to her bag?

Is Rhaegal going to get a dragonrider?

One living dragon is still without a rider. We know Jon is a Targaryen and Drogon snuggled up to him, so could he mount Rhaegal and take to the skies next to his aunt/potential girlfriend? Or could someone else become the newest dragonrider instead?

Will we learn a huge secret about Tyrion?

Could a new dragon rider be Tyrion, especially if a long-held theory about his birth is finally proven true.

It’s a good thing Sunday night is the longest episode in show history, because despite only getting six episodes so far we have lots of questions. And with winter coming we really need them answered.

What are the other questions you want answered in the season finale? Share them with us in the comments below.


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