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Nerdist School 12-Hour Improv Fest Lineup!

For those of us who grew up watching Kids in the Hall, Mr. Show, or Saturday Night Live, for those of us who hung photos of Tina Fey in our lockers under the word “Hero” (what, just me?), and for those of us who have “yes, and”-ed our way through the comedy scene we call “life in LA,” there is a new place where we can all join hands for a round of Mind Meld: The Nerdist School.


Initiated during the summer of 2013, the latest branch of Chris Hardwick’s many-headed Nerd empire offers classes in improvisational comedy, sketch writing, storytelling, musical improv, and more. This Saturday, you can come and see for yourself what these “nerd seedlings” have been up to at the official Grand Opening of the Nerdist School Stage, with 12 consecutive hours of improvisational comedy. I hope you like your meat fresh, because you’ll be treated to the youngest lambs on the block with the debut of three just-formed Nerdist house teams: Addax Facts, Short Stop, and Streets:


They’ll be joined by already-established Nerdist house teams Karen, Pilgrim, and The Damn Breaks, as well as The Faculty, the cleverly-named team comprised of the Nerdist School’s director Ptolemy Slocum (HBO’s Looking, Hitch), and instructors Derek Miller, Monika Smith, Jen Curran, and Mike Rock.


But that’s not all, folks. The brand-spankingest talent in the scene will also be joined by some of the all-time greats, such as:

  • The Swarm, who are best known for their uniquely slow style of play. Masters of different forms like Harold, monoscene and montage, they raised the improv bar for generations of improvisers to come. (Individual cast members’ attendance for this group and all others is subject to change.)


  • Dr. God, with Neil Garguilo, David Park, Brian James O’Connell, Sean Cowhig, and Justin Ware, and sometimes featuring Matthew Lilard (Scream, Scooby Doo).

Dr. God

  • Opening Night, a group that performs an entire musical based on audience suggestion, and features Derek Miller, Norm Thoeming, Shulie Cowen, Michael Pollock, Matt Jones and Hilary Rowe

Opening Night

  • The Stinkies, “an all-star cast of improvisers who just wanna let their hair down. From MTV’s Girl Code, Nicole Byer! From IFC’s The Birthday Boys, Mike Hanford and Mike Mitchell! Also featuring Hollywood dirtbag Joe Hartzler. Plus, comedy golden boy, Josh Simpson.”

The Stinkies


It’s sure to be a ravishing feast of improv performances, but if your stomach wants to join the party, there will also be food trucks for your culinary pleasure, and a DJ after-party for your dancing feet.

The Lobos Truck – 12pm – 5pm

The Steamybun Truck – 6pm – 12am

The Pudding Truck – 6pm – 12am

You don’t want to miss out! The full lineup is below, and you can join the Facebook event to continue getting updated information on the lineup and event details. Laughs, food, and fun for everyone! Plus, you can support local, homegrown comedy with the Nerdist family you already know and love. As instructor and performer Derek Miller says, “I’ve taught improv for over a decade and I have never been as inspired or liberated as with what we have built at Nerdist School.” Join us!

12 noon – Short Stop 
12:20 – Fancy Boys
12:40 – Hometown
1:00 – Johnny Law
1:20 – Full House
2:00 – Jetzo presents: The Village
2:20 – Streets
2:40 – Addax Facts
3:00 – The DelTones
3:30 – Girl on Lady Action
4:00 – Yellow Fever
4:20 – Karen
5:00 – The Damn Breaks
5:20 – Big Black Car
6:00 – The Stinkies
6:30 – Dr. God
7:00 – Opening Night
7:30 – The Swarm
8:00 – WeirDass
8:30 – Lusty Horde
9:00 – The Faculty
10:00 – Pilgrim
10:30 – Ms. Jackson
11:00 – Automatic Bike Shop
11:30 – Robot Teammate and the Accidental Party
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