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Nerdist Presents

Nerdist Presents: LADY KILLERS Gives Freddy vs. Jason a Murderous Makeover

Something wicked this ways comes…something wicked entertaining, that is. From the twisted mind of Andrew Bowser (Monster Machine) comes a brand new spooktacular horror short just in time for Halloween (or Nerdoween if you’re nasty). Made in conjunction with our pals at Scream FactoryLady Killers took the inspiration behind Kotobukiya’s bishoujo versions of Freddy Krueger and Jason and transformed it into a bonechilling new short film that will have you wondering why no one thought to do this sooner (and whether or not you can really trust anyone in a “sexy” Halloween costume ever again).

Starring Adrianne Curry, Abby Dark-Star, Leanna Vamp, Matt Bennett, and Jason Ritter, Lady Killers asks the long-pondered question of, “What happens when you fall asleep while working at a comic book store?” If you answered, “You get trapped in a haunted mansion with two of the deadliest horror movie villains of all time,” then that’s weirdly prescient of you, but you’re also one hundred percent correct. Plus, thanks to YouTube and Legendary, we were able to film on some seriously scary sets at the YouTube Space LA. This way you also know who to blame when you can’t fall asleep at 2AM because you’re worried about those Kotobukiya statues on your shelf coming to life. But that probably won’t happen to you, right? Right?

What do you think of this week’s Nerdist Presents? What other horror movie icons would you like to see get the genderbent treatment?

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  1. Never have I been so horrified and yet so turned on by a Hot Female Jason and Freddy.

  2. Kevin says:

    Well, those kids certainly got dressed up in their fanciest suits to jump rope in the street in the middle of the night. 
    And I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m in love with female ash. 

  3. Pat says:

    Oh, please, continue to give men who are juvenile at heart a hard-on in order to perpetuate shitty 80’s-esque horror. I would love nothing more than to have my daughter and her generation diminished to boobies because that’s what sells. 🙂 Keep showing them how pointless and pathetic they are. Keep reducing them to tits and ass because it’s easier than providing content and showing women as a formidable opponent. Keep perpetuating the myth that we must all be rescued from hardship and circumstance by two-dimensional men because we couldn’t possibly save ourselves or anyone else. How I would love to owe some asshole sex because he saved me. I’ve got 40 swords in my living room, bitch. Tell me again how I need to be saved, and I will give you a head count (literally) of the number of men I’ve saved from bullies and abuse. Grow the fuck up and allow your opinion of women to evolve. The strength women posses can be used both for fostering and protecting. The gentleness in a woman is not lost, though she practices the art of killing. “Mitamura Takeko. 9th generation Naginata instructor.  

    • Illusion-XIII says:

      You’re sadly taking some very serious gender issues and utterly crapping all over them with a bunch of misdirected anger and straight up mistakes.  I mean, did you even watch this video?  At no point was a woman “rescued by two-dimensional men”.  In fact, the man was rescued by a woman (female Ash).  Did you not see that part, or did you just stop the video as soon as you saw two buxom women on the screen and assume that you knew everything you needed to know about this video?Gender issues, respect for women, and creating strong female role models for our daughters and future generations are all very important issues that demand change in our society.  Your loud barking blind rage doesn’t help any of those.  Nobody cares how many swords you have, nobody cares what 9th century quote you attach at the end to try and lend credibility to your litany.  You’re just perpetuating another stereotype, just as useless and backwards as the big-boobed bimbo you detest so much.  Neither of them is helping anything, so please move on.

  4. ClasikRok says:

    Those are some seriously sexy murderous ladies. They can penetrate me with their huge weapons anytime!

  5. micheal says:

    That was awesome!

  6. Garth A Allman says:

    Cool Stuff!! Want to see more please!

  7. Daevid says:

    Nice to see Matt Bennett doing stuff.