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Nerdist Presents

Nerdist Presents: Enjoy Your Burrito

If you’re familiar with anyone here at the good ship Nerdist, you know one simple truth: we enjoy our burrito. Whether it’s a classic combo of meat, cheese, rice, beans, and salsa; a California-style wrap adorned with fresh avocado and pico de gallo; a breakfast burrito stuffed to the brim with all the bacon and eggs you have; or a jazzy new take on the art form, we. enjoy. our. burrito.

In fact, we love burritos so much we can’t stop talking about them. Whether we’re hard at work, lounging on the couch, or catching up with some of our favorite folks from film and TV, we always have burritos on the brain. It’s like a compulsion. A very tasty, hunger-inducing compulsion. Naturally, every time we conduct an interview, we have to ask: what’s in your ideal burrito?

So, for today’s culinary-inspired Nerdist Presents, we asked a whole slew of wonderful people the infamous question, from Chris Pratt and Kristen Bell to Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston, plus Chris Hemsworth (swoon), Nathan Fillion (double swoon), folks from Pixar flicks, a Doctor Who, Eva Green (triple swoon!), Sarah Silverman, some Avengers, Tina Fey, our buddy T.J. Miller, the Muppets, Hellboy himself, and many, many more!

But enough about us… what’s inside YOUR ideal burrito? Let us know in the comments below, and on Twitter and Instagram (photo evidence!) using the hashtag #EnjoyYourBurrito.

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  1. Larry says:

    Beef and bean, frozen in the middle but burning hot on the outside because it was cooked in a microwave.

  2. Ellie says:

    I am watching Masters Golf Champion Bubba Watson on TV and he says he eats burritos before his big challenges for a luck! Chicken, beans, rice, and cheese does it for him!

  3. 'berto man fan says:

    Should be noted that burritos with rice and beans are a San Francisco culinary adjustment to the staple. You people are eating FILLERS to the stuffing of carne asada, machaca, carnitas, shimp, fish, etc. when ordering a “Mission”-style burrito. The rice and beans just take up space in the tortilla.
    That’s the way TACO BELL and CHIPOTLE has their buritos.(Yuck.)
    Gimme a “San Diego”, three rolles, extra pico de gallo and a large Jamaica to go instead! And don’t even talk of a ‘wet’, enchikada’d burrito…

  4. BloodbathIV says:

    Such a great Question.

  5. Brandon says:

    With as much as press junkets are talked about during the podcasts, I’m glad you all were able to give a good question. Because hearing about how they sit in a room for 10-11 hours answering the same five questions would be maddening. 
    Chicken, black beans, brown rice, salsa and corn salsa, spinach, sour cream, cheese, and some chipotle Tabasco. 

  6. Ricardo Gonzalez says:

    White rice, refried beans, chicken, pico de gayo, guac, corn and tons of cheese. Mmmm #enjoyyourburrito

  7. Seth says:

    Definitely go surf and turf style… Steak (like legit steak, medium rare filet), chili lime tequila shrimp, cilantro lime rice, corn salsa with just a splash of hot sauce, queso fresco, avocado, and top it all off with french fries California burrito style. WHERE CAN I PURCHASE SUCH A BURRITO!?!?!

  8. Brad says:

    I want a Chris Pratt burrito!

  9. Lisa says:

    Got to be Mission style burrito, nice crispy Carnitas, black beans, rice, pico de gallo, guacamole, sour cream, and lots of cheese.

  10. ROBERTO'S in Torrey Pines says:

    Burrito WITH rice? Ah yes, the ‘San Francisco treat’ , and with bonus beans to counter that carne asada and pico de gallo.
    I prefer the more simpler San Diego ‘style’ burritos myself, without rice or beans  to compete with the machaca, carne asada, adobada, or al pastor. And see which taquerias aren’t “native” when they call carne asada with potatoes a “California burrito”… instead of a “San Diego” one.
    Man, I’m getting hungry!

  11. Jen B says:

    pulled pork, sour cream, avocado, cheese of some kind, maybe some kimchi, homemade salsa with lots of lime, rice to soak up all the goodness. Or like a pot roast with potatoes and gravy, but in a tortilla. 

  12. Kasey says:

    California burrito modified:carne asada, french fries, pico de gallo (with extra cilantro and onions), extra guacamole, and extra shredded cheese …and lots of red sauce to add on each bite!

  13. D-NA says:

    Firstly, someone get The Doctor a burrito! Secondly, spicy shredded meat, lots of shredded cheddar cheese, lots of shredded Monterey Jack cheese,  avocado, sour cream, hot sauce, maybe some crumbled up bacon. Yay, burrito!

  14. LadyEden1337 says:

    whenever I go to Moe’s Southwest Grill(e), i always get the Joey Bag o’ Donuts, which is (have the employee) build-your-own-burrito: on a large tortilla, I get either the chicken or the ground beef, then add rice, cooked onion, mushrooms, finely shredded cheese, fresh onion, lettuce, bacon, and sour cream!  Served best with their chips and queso, on the side!  MMWAH!(Don’t judge on the absence of beans and salsa!  I am picky!)Anyways, enjoy your burrito, y’all!  PEACE!!!

  15. Chile Verde (or al pastor, or anything, really), some refried beans, onion and cilantro. That’s all you need.

  16. PaladinPool619 says:

    Eccleston (aka Doctor Destro) and the voice of Merida don’t know what a burrito is? Have they never heard of ‘Merica?!? That being said it does make sense that the Russian dude would hate burritos. Can’t think of something more ‘Merican than burritos.  

  17. okayplus says:

    Perfectly crisp carnitas with refried beans, minimal amount rice, cheese, creama, cilantro, onions, pickled jalapenos, and sliced avocado… Or a tidy little tortilla wrapped package of pork chile verde covered in gravy.

  18. Upgrayedd says:

    And on that note, I’m going to go to Roberto’s for a California Burrito for lunch.  Carne Asada, French Fries, Pico de Gallo and Cheddar w/ extra green sauce.

    • AlectoFury says:

      Omg the green sauce makes the whole thing! Ugh i wish i was in SoCal right now

    • AlectoFury says:

      Btw i get my cali burrito with sour cream also.  Makes it extra yummy. My bf gets guac instead. But always lots of green sauce. 

  19. Greg Campbell says:

    Just as much meat as you can fit in their, either with a BBQ rub on the meat or a nice Mexican spice. Rice, hot sauce, salsa. Nae greens.

  20. Syta says:

    shredded pork, refried beans, a little rice, fresh avocado, lettuce, a little diced tomato, sour cream and shredded cheese, wrapped in a large, soft, warm tortilla… though after watching the vid and looking at my corned beef sandwich I have for lunch, I’m inspired to create a corned beef burrito…mmmm that could be so good
    #pregocravings #EnjoyYourBurrito

  21. Manderz says:

    Brown rice, black beans, ALL THE STEAK, pico, hot salsa, ALL THE CHEESE and guac. God damn it… not I want Chipotle. 

  22. Watts says:

    Chicken sausage, Fillion? Really?

  23. Tatiana Torres says:

    citrus and tequila marinated asada (steak), beans, salsa, avacado, fresh crema, and cheese. shit i too am hungry now #enjoyyourburrito 

    • frinzy says:

      You just have to register a FREE account..Have fun!!!