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NECA Reveals Bill and Ted Figures, 2-Ft Tall Hulk, and More at Toy Fair

NECA nearly always kills it with their Toy Fair presentations, and this year was no exception. Rounding out their set of the “core four” Avengers in quarter-scale, they’ve finally made an Age of Ultron Hulk in scale with their 18-inchers, which makes him around two feet tall. He’s going to cost twice as much, too, but that’s because they haven’t skimped: he’s fully poseable, includes alternate hands, and I’m going to assume that under the cloth stretchy pants, he’s probably wearing blue shorts from the previous film.


NECA unfortunately doesn’t feel Black Widow will sell as well as characters who’ve had their own movies. On the plus side, they are making their first 18-inch female figure since Kill Bill‘s Beatrix…and it’s Harley Quinn! She was first revealed at Comic Book Resources, which has more pics and details. At Comic-Con, NECA is expected to reveal another quarter-scale Bat-female: Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman.


NECA was clearly paying attention when Mondo Toys announced 12-inch, comic-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures last summer. Grabbing a piece of that action, they’ve revealed a quarter-scale line of Turtles from the 1991 movie (i.e. the one we still all agree we like), beginning with Donatello, who actually looks more detailed than his onscreen counterpart.


An 18-inch Arnold Schwarzenegger Terminator from T2 is also coming, but not displayed yet.

Meanwhile, in their 8-inch scale, things are looking EXCELLENT!


Bill and Ted will come in a two-pack (Captain Spaulding sold separately, even though he looks here like he could jam with Wyld Stallyns) including the phone booth backdrop. If they need an accordion section, they’re perfectly scaled to play with the recently announced Weird Al. Here’s hoping that if sales are most non-non-non-heinous, we can get George Carlin’s Rufus or a William Sadler Grim Reaper later.

In the more standard 7-inch scale, the big reveals were…

A deluxe Jason from Friday the 13th Part 3-D:


Figures from Alien3


Ash vs. Evil Dead


And more Predator figures, these ones based on the Kenner figures from the ’90s, recreated with movie-level detailing (including the glow-in-the-dark one).



They’ll also be continuing large-sized foam prop replicas, with a 1:1 scale recreation of the original Ghostbusters‘ Slimer, and a 40-inch Stay-Puft.

I’ve stayed away from the Predator line because too many of them have just been so difficult to find in L.A. But man, these are some beautiful maddafackas, as Dutch Schaefer might say.

Will you pay upwards of $200 for that Hulk? Were these the Turtles you were looking for? Is there a ’90s movie toy nostalgia button NECA hasn’t hit yet? If all these figures had a Royal Rumble, who would win? Let us discuss below.

All official product photos by NECA

Ash/Bill and Ted with the kind permission and courtesy of Jedi Nate Rider.

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