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You can tell that NECA is a toy company that loves us and wants us to be happy by the fact they spent Christmas Eve revealing multiple MUST HAVE NOW items they’ll be rolling out in the current year. Topping the list is the toy Nostromo, from the original Alien, part of the new Cinemachines line of six-inch diecast vehicles which focuses on iconic screen transports that have never–or rarely–seen toy form for various reasons (usually either impracticality of scale, or being based on an R-rated movie for which “toy cars” might seem inappropriate).

Have you ever wanted 18 inches of Ben Affleck? They’re giving us that, too. I’m holding out hope for a Jason Momoa Aquaman, myself, but this should please fans of both Affleck and grunty-face Frank Miller designs.


Too sour a disposition for you? Let’s sweeten things up by giving you some sugar, baby. Here’s the new Bruce Campbell sculpt from Ash vs. Evil Dead.


Though if you like your lone heroes more pixelated, they’re working on an Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake, too.


And just when you thought NECA might run out of Predator variants to make…HA! Just kidding. They will not rest until every Predator ever designed, conceived, or even briefly considered for a second or two sees toy form. Here’s a look at Scarface, from the Concrete Jungle video game. [Cue obligatory joke…you see this coming, right?] Say hello to my big friend.


The sculpts on these are so detailed I’d buy them unpainted, but I can’t wait to see how Ash, for one, looks when they splash a bunch of deep red paint all over him, which I presume they have to do because he’s Ash, and how can you not?

So as you enjoy this year’s Christmas haul, you’ve just gotten a peek at what next year’s will bring. Are any of these guys on your Santa’s list for 2016? Tell us below.

All images via NECA on Twitter

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