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MYTHBUSTERS To Bust SIMPSONS Myths in Season Premiere

Over the years, the MythBusters have tackled some insane pop-culture inspired myths. From Indiana Jones and Star Wars to Breaking Bad and Jaws, there is really nothing that ever seems to be too geeky for the dynamic San Francisco duo. But Adam and Jamie can’t test every cultural institution, can they?

According to an exclusive from Entertainment Weekly, in the upcoming 2015 season premiere Adam and Jamie are planning an entire episode dedicated to America’s favorite animated family — The Simpsons. “We set out to test Bart throwing a cherry bomb into the toilet that makes all toilets in the school act like geysers,” said Savage to the outlet. “And then there’s one in which Homer’s house is about to be destroyed by a wrecking ball and Homer places his body between the wrecking ball and the house to keep it from being destroyed.” The report goes on to explain, for that one, the team built a real-life Homer to test to the myth.

Considering today marks the 25th anniversary of the animated series’ debut on Fox, it seems fitting the show is about to get the MythBusters treatment. Even though it’s a cartoon, there are definitely a few moments from the series that would be worth watching the team test (beyond the ones listed). For example, could Homer survive a plunge off the Springfield Gorge on skateboard if enough tree limbs and outcroppings broke his fall on the way down? These are the questions we need to be asking, people!

MythBusters premieres in January on Discovery.

What Simpsons myths do you want to see the team test? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Nateous says:

    What about the whole Nuclear reactor / workers comp bit, where homer defuses the situation by sticking himself in an exhaust pipe?

  2. Scorpio2177 says:

    What state is Springfield in!!??!!

  3. james says:

    Can a man with Homer’s prodigious girth actually withstand a cannonball to the gut?

  4. Xando says:

    Are the current seasons of the Simpsons really bad or are people looking back through nostalgia tinted glasses?

  5. Nate says:

    is it possible to cut off jebediah springfield statue head in one night with a saw