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Music Geek Track of the Day: Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ features Shia LaBeouf in a Cage Match With A Small Girl

Remember in the early ’90s when George Michael refused to appear in his own music videos and it was such a boss move?

(Of course, this was waaaaaaaay before he got busted for soliciting sex in a public bathroom and, later, was arrested for possession of Class C drugs. It was a more innocent time.)

Either way, Sia appears to be carrying on the mysterious torch by continuing to release music videos without her mug in ’em. Her most recent clip is for the song “Elastic Heart,” off her 2013 album 100 Forms Of Fear, and features Maddie Ziegler—who starred in the Australian singer’s video for “Chandelier”—and Hollywood bad boy Shia LaBeouf.

The clip features LaBeouf and Ziegler participating in some kind of modern dance-off inside a metal cage. Like the dancing routine from “Chandelier,” the moves in “Elastic Heart” were choreographed by Ryan Heffington. We’d love to tell you about the herky-jerky movements and evocative facial expressions, but we were slightly distracted by Shia’s washboard abs and nude-colored short shorts.

And by “slightly,” we mean “completely.”

In case you missed it, here’s a beautiful closeup shot we managed to capture.


With its syncopated drum beats and synth-tastic melodies, “Elastic Heart” is sure to be a hit in the clubs and we can only imagine what Sia has up her sleeve when the time comes for her to perform the song on TV. Let’s hope it involves LaBeouf reprising his role… and those oh-so-hot short shorts.

To keep up-to-date on Sia’s every delightfully disjointed move, follow her on Twitter at @sia.

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  1. RumComa says:

    Pris & Roy: A Love Story

  2. ahalai says:

    since when it’s “GEEK”? author is crazy

  3. Just Andi says:

    It makes me think of watching children and families struggle with a parent suffering from addiction or mental illness. It’s beautiful but heartbreaking. 

  4. Moggatron says:

    I wish I was Maddie… I wouldn’t mind being pulled on by Shia.

  5. DylanT says:

    I don’t know about creepy but odd and fascinating. This is apparently a daughter, father and mental illness story. The complicated relationship of loving a parent who is difficult.  Maddie Ziegler as a Sia stand-in is amazing once again. 

  6. The_Advocate says:

    Kinda creepy …. she’s only 12 years old…

    • brotherlove says:

      It’s not sexual at all. These days people are paranoid about seeing a man with a little girl, men are not all pedos you know.