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Movie Morsels: Michael Keaton Talks SKULL ISLAND, Plus a LEGO BATMAN MOVIE Update!

Happy Super Bowl Monday, everyone! Did y’all enjoy yesterday’s new trailers for Tomorrowland, Fast & Furious 7, Seventh Son, and Jurassic World? Because we’ve got a couple more TV spots you may have missed for Pitch Perfect 2 and Kingsman: The Secret Service. Today’s Movie Morsels also features an exclusive update on Kong: Skull Island from star Michael Keaton himself! As well as the latest on The Lego Batman Movie and How to Train Your Dragon 3. So pull up a chair and fix yourself a plate of those leftover nachos and wings!

Kong: Skull Island


This weekend I had the opportunity to watch Michael Keaton accept the 30th Santa Barbara International Film Festival‘s highest honor, the Maltin Modern Master Award. Beforehand, I spoke with the star of Birdman (pictured above) on the red carpet, and asked him about Kong: Skull Island, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts King Kong spin-off for which he’s been in talks to star alongside J.K. Simmons and Tom Hiddleston. (Or, if you want to get genre about it, Batman may team up with J. Jonah Jameson and Loki!) Keaton seemed cautiously optimistic about the Universal project; but, when I asked him about his character, he told me his participation is still not a done deal: “No, we’re still talking about Skull Island. I mean, we’ll see if that happens or not, right? It’s still being written and we’re just talking about the possibility of it.” Fingers crossed the film’s final script proves strong enough to net the Oscar nominee.

The Lego Batman Movie

The LEgo Movie Batman

The Lego Movie Directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord appeared at this weekend’s Annie Awards for film and television animation, along with editor Chris McKay, who’s directing the spinoff Lego Batman Movie featuring the Will Arnett-voiced Caped Crusader. Regarding the upcoming film, McKay said, “We looked at Batmobiles this morning. We went to Warner Bros. and opened up all the Batmobiles; we took photos of the interiors and the exteriors, as well as of the costumes and artwork. It was amazing. It was the best trip.” Miller and Lord said they’ll try on the various Batsuits next, and that they want to wear the Adam West suit and “the Joel Schumacher one with the nipples.” Lord explained that he “wants the sexiest one.” The filmmakers had previously announced that Lego Batman will acknowledge every era of Batman movies.


How to Train Your Dragon 3

How to Train Your Dragon 2 pinned

Speaking of the Annie Awards, writer-director Dean DeBlois was also at this weekend’s ceremony, picking up the awards for Best Animated Feature and Best Director for How to Train Your Dragon 2. DeBlois said that the next installment in the franchise will be more focused on Toothless: “I’m halfway through the script. It continues to track Hiccup’s coming of age, but it’s also equally shared now that Hiccup and Toothless are chiefs of their clans. The story also follows Toothless’ storyline, and I think audiences will like that because they seem to respond well to Toothless’ antics and what seems to be going on in his head.” The filmmaker also revealed that “This is the last one that I’ll be directing. This [trilogy] tracks the completion of Hiccup’s coming of age and ends this specific story. If the How To Train Your Dragon world leads to more sequels, I think it will be in a creatively different direction. It’s a possibility but not something that I’m currently developing.”

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Pitch Perfect 2

In addition to yesterday’s TV spots for Seventh Son, Jurassic World, Tomorrowland, and Fast & Furious 7, the Super Bowl also gave us a new behind-the-scenes look at Pitch Perfect 2, illustrating what happens when the Green Bay Packers meet the Bellas. Directed by Elizabeth Banks and starring Anna Kendrick, the sequel to 2012’s Pitch Perfect opens on May 15th.

[Elizabeth Banks]

Kingsman: The Secret Service

You say you want more Super Bowl movie ads? Alrighty then! Director Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman: The Secret Service bowed a spot during this weekend’s big game…

As well as a separate new TV spot in which the importance of man’s — and Kingsman’s — best friend is emphasized, as are the magical initials “JB”. Prepare to be puppified…

Kingsman: The Secret Service arrives to make our Valentine’s Day Weekend a lot more exciting on February 13th.

[Coming Soon]

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