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Movie Morsels: First Official Look at ANT-MAN’s Yellowjacket, G.I. JOE 3 Is a Go, and More

Thor needs his Loki, Steve Rogers his Red Skull, and Scott Lang his Yellowjacket. Thankfully, and at long last, we’ve got our first official concept-art image of the buzzworthy uber-villain from the upcoming Ant-Man film in today’s Movie Morsels. Plus, word on who will command the troops in G.I. Joe 3, and new TV spots for the awesome-looking Kingsman: The Secret Service and Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai!


Who wants to see more of that pesky Yellowjacket? Thus far our only look at villain Corey Stoll’s Darren Cross in his super suit has come via overseas licensing art, but now we’ve got official concept art straight from Marvel, as illustrated by Jackson Sze. Director Peyton Reed’s Ant-Man hits theaters and attacks our proverbial picnic lunch on July 17th.


[The Hollywood Reporter]

Avengers: Age of Ultron

In other Marvel news… You’ve seen the new Age of Ultron trailer that debuted during the college football championship, right? Because if you haven’t, you need to watch it below NOW. A whole lotta shit is destroyed real, real good. Plus, more Hulk and Iron Man tussling, more Pietro and Wanda and other pretty people in tight costumes, and one whacked-out killer robot. Director Joss Whedon’s quiet, introspective character study opens on May 1st. Pencil it on your calendar, then draw a little “A” in the square like I did.


Kingsman: The Secret Service

Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Dave Gibbons and Mark Millar’s The Secret Service is generating some pretty good buzz, and our buddies over at IGN have debuted an exclusive new clip for the over-the-top espionage thriller, in which star Colin Firth proudly shows off his “weapons cache.” The film co-stars Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson (because what spy film would be complete without him?). Kingsman arrives in theaters on February 13th, just in time to get the blood pumping to your heart this Valentine’s Day.

A new TV spot for Kingsman has also arrived online:


G.I. Joe 3

G.I. Joe

G.I. Joe 3 is the nerd equivalent of New Jersey — we’re all gonna have to get through it some day. So let’s just say there are a few worse choices Paramount could make in helping us through it then getting D.J. Caruso to direct the third installment of the Hasbro toy film franchise. The Disturbia helmer is in early talks with the studio to direct the follow-up to 2013’s G.I. Joe: Retaliation, which, like its predecessor, will apparently focus on Dwayne Johnson’s Roadblock.



Just when you thought Johnny Depp’s wacky faux English accent schtick had worn out its welcome, along comes Mortdecai, which clearly hopes to Austin Powers itself into our hearts when it opens on January 23rd. Gwyneth Paltrow, Ewan MacGregor, Olivia Munn, Jeff Goldblum, and Paul Bettany are also along for the ride, an adaptation of “The Great Mortdecai Moustache Mystery,” the first in author Kyril Bonfiglioli’s series of novels about the eccentric titular character. Here are two new TV spots with the mustache man.

[Coming Soon]

What do you think of today’s top stories? Let us know below! Yo Joe!

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