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Movie Morsels: Batfleck SUICIDE SQUAD Rumors, Final MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Trailer, and More

We’ve plenty of goodness to help you through your hump day in today’s Movie Morsels — including the very latest from the Toronto set of Suicide Squad and the very last Mad Max: Fury Road trailer before the film’s release, as well as a new Tomorrowland trailer, your first look at Penelope Cruz in Zoolander 2, and word on the first screen pairing of Melissa McCarthy and Cecily Strong!

Suicide Squad


And the Suicide Squad’s latest recruit is… Twilight star Alex Meraz. Meraz’s role in David Ayer’s supervillain epic has not yet been revealed, but he’ll join (deep breath) Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Jai Courtney, Cara Delevingne, Jared Leto, Joel Kinnaman, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, Karen Fukuhara, Viola Davis, Jay Hernandez, Adam Beach, Ike Barinholtz, Scott Eastwood, Common, and Raymond Olubowale.

Meanwhile, amidst rumors that Jared Leto’s Joker will appear in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, photos of Ben Affleck have appeared online, in which the actor appears on a set in Toronto wearing a suit similar to one he sports as Bruce Wayne in the film–leading many to speculate that Affleck will also appear in Suicide Squad. In any case, the team carries out its first big on-screen mission on August 5, 2016.


Mad Max: Fury Road

The final trailer for director George Miller’s loooong-awaited fourth Mad Max film, Mad Max: Fury Road is now online. Due out on May 15th, the film finds Tom Hardy taking over Mel Gibson’s role as the hard-driving Aussie action man, alongside co-stars Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Nathan Jones, Zoe Kravitz, Riley Keough, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.



A new trailer from Tomorrowland has landed online, offering us fresh footage from the Brad Bird-directed film inspired by the Disney theme park attraction. Tomorrowland — starring George Clooney, Britt Robertson, and Hugh Laurie — arrives at last on May 22nd.


The Divergent Series: Allegiant

Jeff Daniels

Newsroom and Dumb and Dumber star Jeff Daniels has hitched his wagon to Lionsgate’s Divergent Series, and will appear in the saga’s final two films, Allegiant Part 1 and Part 2. Daniels stars as “David, the leader of the Bureau of Genetic Welfare. The agency is behind the creation of the societies that Tris [Shailene Woodley] was living in and the reason behind their creation is slowly revealed (mainly in Part 2) to be nefarious.”

Allegiant Part 1 starts shooting in May under director Robert Schwentke. It arrives in theaters on March 18, 2016. Daniels will first appear in another sci-fi thriller, Ridley Scott’s The Martian, out on November 25th.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Zoolander 2

Want a sneak peek at Penelope Cruz as red-leather-clad cyclist in Zoolander 2? Of course you do. Fortunately, photos have begun to leak from the set of the Ben Stiller sequel to the cult fave. For more, check out Huffington Post. Zoolander 2 debuts on February 22, 2016.

Zoolander 2

[Huffington Post]

Michelle Darnell

Cecily Strong

After wowing folks by hosting the recent White House Press Correspondents Dinner, Saturday Night Live funny lady Cecily Strong has just joined the cast of the Melissa McCarthy insider trading comedy Michelle Darnell. Strong will co-star with McCarthy and Kristen Bell in the Ben Falcone-directed film, landing on April 8, 2016.


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