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Movie Morsels: A Badass MARY POPPINS and a New Job for BATMAN V SUPERMAN’s Alfred

Yes, I can see tag line now: “This is NOT your parents’ Mary Poppins!” Edge of Tomorrow and Sicario star Emily Blunt might play everyone’s favorite nanny in Disney’s Mary Poppins sequel. Also in today’s Movie Morsels, the latest from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, London Has Fallen, and more!

Mary Poppins 2

Mary Poppins

Children of the new millennium, prepare for a new Mary Poppins… Actress Emily Blunt is in talks to take on the iconic role of the magical English nanny in a sequel to Disney’s classic adaption of P.L. Travers’ children’s novel. If cast, Blunt would reunite with director Rob Marshall, in whose 2014 Into the Woods she gave an especially terrific performance. The Poppins sequel is said to be “set in Depression-era London and revolves around a now-grown Michael Banks, who has children of his own. In tough times, big sister Jane returns and soon after, their beloved Mary Poppins comes back to help.”

[The Hollywood Reporter]

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman V. Superman: Dawn Of Justice

In keeping with Zack Snyder’s gritty reinvention of the DC Universe, Batman v Superman will strip Bruce Wayne’s faithful friend Alfred of his “butler” title and instead make of him the Wayne family bodyguard and head of security. Alfred will maintain this position for the adult Bruce, even living in “a ‘comfortable’ trailer on the grounds of the ruined [Wayne] manor while Bruce slums it in a fancy lakeside pad.”

In related news, Warner Bros. has released the latest gloomy, doomy track from the film’s soundtrack, titled “The Red Capes Are Coming” from Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL…


London Has Fallen

Citizens of Britain, I’d like to apologize in advance for the amount of destruction U.S. Secret Service agent Gerard Butler is going bring upon your fairest city in the sequel to Olympus Has Fallen. To get an idea of what I’m talking about, check out the following clip from London Has Fallen, which co-stars Aaron Eckhart, Morgan Freeman, and Angela Bassett. Babak Najafi directs the March 4 release…


San Andreas 2

San Andreas

Now that The Rock has already handled the aftermath of the San Andreas fault earthquake, what other natural disaster could he possibly remedy? Would you believe volcanoes?! Yes, New Line has just hired screenwriters Neil Widener and Gavin James to script a sequel in which Dwayne Johnson’s rescue chopper pilot—and returning director Brad Peyton—will have to deal with the infamous “Ring of Fire” circling the Pacific Ocean, which contains the vast majority of the planet’s earthquakes.

[The Hollywood Reporter]



Finally this week… While Dimension’s next Hellraiser movie won’t have Doug Bradley as Pinhead, it will have an appearance by actress Heather Langenkamp, whose Nightmare on Elm Street paved the way for Clive Barker’s original 1987 film. Meanwhile, Barker’s own proposed reboot/remake of Hellraiser sadly lingers in development hell.

[AV Club]

Images: Warner Bros., Disney, Dimension

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