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“Hi, I’m Deadpool. You may remember me from such trailers as ‘The 12 Days of Deadpool’ and that one where I killed Mario Lopez. For my next trick, I’m going to play with myself.”*


*quoted from a totally imaginary Deadpool

You were thinking it, too. One look at those extra hands, and you’ve gotta be worried/wondering about what poses they’re intended for. I’m also thinking: why is it that Fox Marvel movies only get toys overseas now?

On to more honorable things. Captain America!


I’d love to know who the people are that can afford every single variation on a character that Hot Toys puts out. The company tends to be super-nerdy about making every outfit, no matter how slightly different than the last, and with $300 figures, that adds up. But if you’ve ever held one in hand, you know the quality matches the price.

Here are a couple of variants to be glad you’ve waited for, though: purple Hawkeye! And Falcon with white and orange bits! They may not be as comics-accurate as Cap and Iron Man, but at last their “realistic” outfits from the next movie have some real throwback flavor.



Which is not to say there aren’t some cool new versions of Iron Man, too. Like the standing version of his armor in opened-up mode…


Eagle-eyed fans, however, may notice a couple of things missing. Most notably Black Panther…and Spider-Man. The latter’s absence is understandable – they’re still keeping him a secret – but where’s T’challa? Best guess: he’s taking longer to sculpt. All of these characters have been made before in different forms by Hot Toys, so they can share existing parts with their predecessors. Like, here’s Winter Soldier – NOW WITHOUT SMUDGY FACEPAINT!



Panther’s a cinematic noob, so he’s probably taking a bit longer. And then you’ll get Panther 2.0 when his own movie comes out, and 3.0 when Infinity War comes out, and…one way or another Panther fans will find places to gladly accept their cash in due time.

Check out the rest of the team at Hot Toys’ Facebook gallery. Which one would/will you get first? Assemble a comment below and let us know.

Images: Hot Toys

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