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Mondo Gives Beautiful INSIDE OUT Vinyl a Wide Release

Update 8/16/16: Mondo has announced that their beautifully illustrated Inside Out 7-inch vinyls–previously a Comic-Con exclusive–will be available to the public beginning on Wednesday at noon CST. Check out all 6 vinyl in the gallery below and say farewell to your paycheck.

If you’re a fan of Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out, and you’re also heading to Comic-Con in San Diego next week, then you are very much in luck. Thanks to the folks at Oh My Disney, we’ve learned that Mondo—creators of all kinds of amazing pop culture swag from posters to toys—have a series of Inside Out-themed products for sale this year. This news should pretty much only bring you joy, and negate every other emotion.

This year, Mondo is debuting a series of Inside Out 7-inch vinyl records, which will contain segments of Michael Giacchino’s amazing score. Each record will have the main theme (“Bundle of Joy”) and an additional track from Giacchino. Each record will also come with exclusive artwork from Phantom City Creative that pays homage to a classic album cover. Among the classic covers being riffed on are Isaac Hayes’ Joy, Hole’s Live Through This, Joni Mitchell’s Blue, and the Smashing Pumpkins’ Siamese Dream. Also, each individual record will have an exclusive colorway that goes along with whichever character it’s associated with.

In addition, five of the album covers—the ones covering a specific emotion—will be turned into exclusive prints from Oh My Disney, Mondo, and Cyclops Print Works. Each of them will have a run size of only 420; 200 of them will be on sale at San Diego Comic-Con at the Mondo booth #835, and the rest will be on sale at the Cyclops Print Works website at a later date yet to be announced.

For the full list of prices and unit availability for each record/print, be sure to click on this link. For a preview of each Inside Out album cover/print art, be sure to check out our gallery below.

Which one of these Inside Out records/prints brings you the most joy? Is it okay to admit that I have a wee bit of sadness that Bing-Bong doesn’t get one? (I know we said these should negate any other emotion but joy, but c’mon…Bing-Bong is the best!) Let us know your feelings about these in the comments.

Featured Image: Disney/Pixar

Images: Disney/Pixar, Mondo


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