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Mom Makes Incredible Disney Costumes for Her Toddler to Wear to Disney World

Lane Rouch may be the best dressed girl at Disney World even though she’s only 3 years old. Cinderella, Honey Lemon, Belle, Snow White – she’s dressed as all those Disney characters and many, many more. Her costumes aren’t the pre-packaged type either; her mom Jennifer Rouch makes her accurate gowns, gloves, and accessories. She’s like a real life fairy tale godmother. A really freaking talented one.


Rouch began making costumes for Lane when she noticed her daughter was acting shy. Lane was clingy and hesitant to interact with strangers when they talked to her. Rather than wait for Lane to grow out of it, Rouch took her passion for Disney and sewing and combined them to create costumes for Lane to wear to Disney World; they have passes and go to the park frequently. She thought the costumes might make being around so many strangers easier for Lane. Rouch turned to thrift stores for fabric, shower curtains, and bed sheets to use in the outfits.

It worked. Lane gets plenty positive feedback from others, including cast members, when she wears her costumes and Disney-inspired dresses. All the adorable pictures she has with face characters (cast members who dress like characters and don’t wear a mask) such as Peter Pan and Wendy, Gaston, and Hiro Hamada are evidence that her outfits are popular.


You have no idea how many times I said “awwww” while looking through Rouch’s photos of Lane.

Here’s a small sampling of some of Lane’s Disney costumes:

I am both happy for and slightly (a lot) jealous of Lane. Her mom is creating magical memories by making these costumes, and maybe they’ll even become family heirlooms. In the meantime, Lane looks like she’s having a blast playing dress up. You can see even more of her Disney cosplay at Tumblr and Instagram.

Which of Lane’s costumes is the most adorable? Go to the comments and tell us about your favorites.

HT: Bored Panda and Today

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  1. Lynette says:

    My favorites are her Star Wars outfits