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Minimalist Space Posters Transport Us Through Past and Future

Whether we’re heading to mars with SpaceX or soaring to one of Kepler’s exoplanets with NASA, one thing is certain: we can’t get enough of space-travel posters. And the latest work from the crew at Lynx Art Collection doesn’t disappoint.

Space posters 1-8132015

In these two series, Lynx not only gives us a taste of a possible future, but also takes us on a nostalgic journey through history – we want in.

“We’ve been creating pop culture pieces for a few years and wanted to expand more and focus on education,” explains co-owner Frank McKeever. “We’ve always had an interest in space and thought that making art pieces surrounding it would be a fun way to learn.  In the end, we educate others as well as ourselves.”


space posters-europa-8132015

The “Excursion” collection is largely inspired by the vision of an optimistic-future, made popular by 1950s ads. But what makes Lynx’s interpretation so cool is that they haven’t just created a set of posters, they’ve gone so far as to create the department they belong to. You can already explore the Vast Interplanetary Expedition & Research Division (VIPER) website, where you’ll find the company’s history, tech achievements, and ongoing fictional research projects.

Why go into such detail? Wait for it …

“We are creating the fictional world because we are actually writing a comic book for VIPER!” explains McKeever.” (A brief pause for a happy dance.)

The VIPER comic, tentatively set for release this winter, follows main character John Raven, a burly, intergalactic maverick, going against the grain laid out by the universe’s governing body: Social Advancement for Intelligent Life (SAIL).

“SAIL has created a galactic government that rules all of Earth and the other planets in our Solar System. Within SAIL is the VIPER Division, encouraging people to sign up to explore and colonize other planets … but I’ll leave the rest for the book!”

Astronauts: Historical Moments in Space

space photos-history-8132015

It might not have an adjacent comic, but being such a space-history nut, this collection is by far my favorite of Lynx’s new works. Simple in design, each image is packed with a dose of cosmic perspective, straight from the mouths of some of NASA’s most inspirational explorers.

“The greatest challenge [here] can be creating something that can both resonate with the viewer as well as the people surrounding the historical event,” says McKeever. “We want to not only ensure that others can understand and appreciate our pieces but also that the subject is respectfully represented.”

Each illustration takes the team four-to-five days to pen and color, but the entire design process often takes weeks of development. We can see why. Whether you have ray-gun-wielding dreams of the future, or simply want a reminder that you are very, very small, the posters are a steal at just $16.95. Now excuse me, while I go buy them all.

Check out some of our favorites (as well as an exclusive look at the VIPER comic!) in the gallery below.


IMAGES: Lynx Art Collective


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