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Travel Posters Imagine Our Future in the Solar System

We don’t know when we’ll get off this planet. Even getting a human on the surface of Mars could take another two decades. But we know we have to leave Earth. Eventually, our resources will run out (or the Sun will expand and vaporize us, whatever comes first) and we’ll need another home. If we are successful, maybe we can unlock the solar system and turn it into the utopia that the travel posters below depict it as.


Created by the artists at Science Hype, the Futuristic Planet Series imagines an exhausted Earth and a solar system open to interplanetary travel. Like our current extraterrestrial aspirations, Mars, or “New Earth,” is our next stop:


But after we’re established on a new planet and have all the rocket science squared, the solar system is our oyster. Maybe we could gaze into the clouds surrounding our Venutian apartments:


Tourists will blast around the rings of Saturn like they drove around the curves of the Grand Canyon. The ice hotels of Europa would be booked solar year-round. Thrill-seekers could float in the dense atmosphere of Jupiter and try to avoid the giant storms. You can check out the rest of the posters in the gallery below.

You can grab a set of travel poster prints here, shirts and assorted accessories here, and order nine prints in one complete package here.


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