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Migrating Spider Crabs Attack an Octopus in Horrifying Feeding Frenzy

Fellow seafood lovers, what do you prefer: crab or octopus? What if we told you the crab had recently been dining on octopus? Trick question, because once you watch these migrating spider crabs tearing into an octopus, in a horror movie style feeding frenzy, you’ll never again desire seafood. Or the sea.

For the latest installment in our never-ending series, “The Ocean is &^%*ing Terrifying,” we have for you this incredible video shot by Chiharu Shimowada and shared on YouTube by Storyful News, which we first came across at Foodbeast.

This is from the annual migration that takes place in Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia every year in late May/early June. “Thousands of these melon-sized crabs climb up out of the depths and, in the process, absolutely blanket the seafloor,” in what apparently leads to the violent death of any unfortunate octopus that happens to be in their way.

Based on what these crabs look like, we think it would be best if we didn’t get in their way either.


Reminder: always avoid the ocean.

The more we watch this video, the more we can’t stop thinking about how stupid anonymous henchmen are in martial arts movies, when they attack one at a time instead of en masse. You can’t let a regular old human with only four limbs beat you up individually, not when these crabs together can take on an octopus and its eight tentacles. And crabs can only move sideways!

So if any octopi are reading this, try only swimming north to south. Or moving to dry land.

What does this video remind you of? Migrate into our comments section below and tell us what you think.

Images: Storyful News/Chiharu Shimowada

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