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Michael Keaton’s Batman and Christopher Reeve’s Superman Costumes Up for Auction

When it comes to being a superhero, does the suit make the man, or does the man make the suit? We know that’s a philosophical question, but we would really like a concrete answer. And we’re kind of pressed for time here, because if we go ahead and bid in this dream cinematic auction featuring Michael Keaton‘s movie worn Batman suit or Christopher Reeve‘s Superman muscle tunic from, we would like to know if we will actually get to become the Caped Crusader or the Man of Steel.

We came across the news of this super sale at CinemaBlend, and it is being run by Nate D. Sanders Auctions. Up for grabs until January 26 are real pieces worn by Keaton and Reeve when they played the famous DC Comics heroes.

Keaton’s black, formed rubber Batsuit from 1992’s Batman Returns stands at a whopping 6’5” tall, and the “original parts of the costume worn in the film are the cowl, cape, and body,” with replicas of the gloves, belt, insignia, and shoes completing the display. The winning bidder will also get the costume delivered on a mannequin that comes with the “chiseled face of Keaton” and a two-inch base.


We will certainly be envious of the person that ends up being the winning bidder, but good luck to them on not having an actual heart attack when they come home a little drunk and forget they live with Batman.

Reeve’s costume isn’t nearly as complete, but it is a whole lot more…interesting. That’s because the blue muscle tunic that was used for fights scenes in the original 1978 film is….well…um…it looks like a giant baby onesie is the thing, the kind that snaps underneath the diaper. This is like something you buy for your Superman-loving friend’s baby shower, only instead it costs a lot of money and is meant for an adult.


It also has the original tag showing where the costume was made in London, along with a a label with Reeve’s name on it. And while the cape isn’t being sold with one, the tunic does have four snaps at the top to attach a cape, as well as two stitched holes to attach a flying harness.

So just throw on some red underwear and you’ll be thiiiiis close to being able to fly. Sorta.

Now the bad news is that if you want to even one of these truly special and iconic costumes, you won’t be able to do so on Clark Kent’s reporter salary. Instead, you’ll need to have a Bruce Wayne-sized bank account. The minimum bid for the Batman costume is $35,000;  even though it is far less complete, Superman’s muscle tunic starts at $40,000. However, there are currently zero bids on both, so maybe you can get them on the “cheap.” Besides, can you really put a price tag on getting to be Batman or Superman?

We’re just going to go ahead and answer our own question: the suit makes the man. At least when it costs tens of thousands of dollars it does.

Which suit would you rather own? The more complete Keaton Batsuit, or the giant baby onesie worn by Reeve? Fly into our comments section below and let us know.

Featured Image: Warner Bros. Studios

Costumes Images: Nate D Sanders Auctions

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