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The First Trailer for MICHAEL JACKSON’S HALLOWEEN Gets Weird

The King of Pop may be gone, but Michael Jackson‘s music lives in a new animated special coming later this month. CBS has unleashed the first look at Michael Jackson’s Halloween, and we’re not entirely sure what to make of it. There are some small signs of Jackson’s presence within the trailer, but the focus seems to be on a pair of teenagers and some increasingly wacky characters including a dancing pumpkin man played by The Big Bang Theory‘s Jim Parsons.

Here’s what we do know: Lucas Till and Kiersey Clemons are voicing the lead characters, Vincent and Victoria; the special will chronicle their first meeting as they find themselves at This Place Hotel on 777 Jackson Street on Halloween. Within a spooky hotel, Vincent and Victoria will eventually cross paths with Jackson himself, or at least an animated recreation. But first, they’ll have to get past a witch voiced by Lucy Liu.

Alan Cumming is also co-starring in this special as some kind of spider general, if the clips are any indication. Brad Garrett is portraying a talking chimp; which may be a reference to Jackson’s beloved companion, Bubbles. Christine Baranski and George Eads also have roles.

That glimpse of the Michael Jackson-themed stained-glass window in the trailer is gorgeous, and we certainly hope the special has more moments like that. Also, it had better have “Thriller,” because that is still one of the most perfect Halloween songs ever.

Michael Jackson’s Halloween will premiere on Friday, October 27 at 8:00p.m., only on CBS.

What is your first impression of this Michael Jackson-inspired special? Haunt our comment section below with your thoughts!

Images: CBS

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