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Mezco’s Strangely Realistic POPEYE Figure Comes Loaded for Sea Voyages

It’s been just over a year since Mezco revealed they had re-acquired the Popeye toy license, and were using it to make a crazy-detailed figure of what Popeye and his cartoonish proportions would look like as an actual human being. Robin Williams, he ain’t.

The sheer novelty of this figure alone would sell it, but there are no half measures here. This Popeye comes with everything you’d think Popeye would need, and more.

Spinach cans and a pipe are expected, but this Sailor Man also comes with his removable pea coat, duffel bag, two interchangeable heads (a “stern stare” and a “salty glare”; ah, the shades of subtlety in combative expressions!), multiple corncob pipes, three hats, a spyglass, and a compass. Plus the spyglass is collapsible and the compass has an opening lid, which is all the more impressive when you realize this is part of the One:12 Collective series and in the six-inch scale. Which is to say he’s compatible with your standard Star Wars Black Series or Marvel Legends figures, but much higher end.

At an $80 preorder price, he’s on the cheaper end of the Mezco One:12 scale, but it’s hard to imagine anything that’s lacking here, unless you were jonesing for a similarly twisted baby Swee’Pea he can hold. If you want a Bluto, though, they may be teasing a future one in this image.

Popeye figures will be delivered in January 2019, kicking off the new year with a smile.

Clarification: you’ll be the one who’s smiling. It’s harder to make that face while clenching a pipe in one’s teeth and considering the merits of a life in which one’s fiancee is constantly being abducted by an obese brawler who never learns his lesson.

Does this Naval gazer blow you down? Let us know in comments.

Images: Mezco Toyz

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