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Meet The Pooping, Vomiting Egg Yolk That is Taking Japan by Storm

All of Sanrio’s adorable characters, like Hello Kitty, have unique personalities. Their newest creature is called Gudetama, and it’s known as the world’s laziest egg. Don’t ask me who the world’s most productive egg is because I have no idea, but this egg, this one just can’t be bothered. In Japanese “gude gude” is a word used to describe wobbling and “tama” is short for tamago, which is egg. Gudetama doesn’t have time for explanations, he’d much rather sleep.

Gudetama is one of the most popular characters in Sanrio’s arsenal and his products are flying off the shelves. He also provides inspiration for artwork and even food. Hong Kong’s Izumi Curry recently converted their restaurant to a Gudetama theme. Gudetama wallpaper, decor, dishes and of course, food. The restaurant makes a lot of Gudetama items but the one below is unique: a dim sum bao that can only be described as “kimokawa,” which in Japanese slang means disgustingly cute. Let’s just say it’s heavy on the disgusting.

gudetama barfing-10202015

This poor piece of dim sum is subjected to the most embarrassing of problems. Squeeze the custard filled Gudetama bun and he vomits out of his mouth. Lovely. Granted, it’s custard, it looks like custard, you know it’s custard, but it’s still hard to stomach. If you think that’s bad, hold tight for the chocolate version. Poke him in the butt and well, you get the idea.

If vomiting pooping anthropomorphic eggs aren’t for you, don’t fret. Plan Check in LA is hosting a Gudetama themed meal for the month of November. This multi-course menu will run you $39 and you’ll get an appetizer of crispy blanket egg, soy sauce egg, spicy pork belly sausage, and miso aioli, followed by two Gudetama sliders, a chocolate custard pudding, an apricot thumbprint cookie, and an orange-ginger egg cream soda.

The Gudetama themed meal also includes a commemorative t-shirt and the possibility of Gudetama itself showing up and watching you while you eat. Ok that last part sounds creepy but not as creepy as the the pooping bun.

Gudetama Visa-10202015

Still not enough Gudetama? I’ve got one more item for you. Now Sanrio is offering a limited edition Gudetama Visa card so you can pay for all your Gudetama habits with one swipe of a credit card. Act fast, the special card featuring the egg pulling a bacon blanket over itself is only available until the end of the year. Don’t come crying to me in 2016 when you are looking at your sad, eggless, Visa bill.

Perhaps the best thing of all is the online Gudetama version of the Magic 8 Ball. Ask Gudetama anything and it will answer in the most Gudetama way possible. In other words, it has no time for your nonsense. Suddenly I’m not sure if he’s lazy or just a jerk. Either way I think I’m in love with this egg.

Is Gudetama your spirit animal? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjennrecipes on instagram to show us your Gudetama-themed meals!

gudetama ask-10202015

Images and video: Weekend Weekly
HT: Buzzfeed, LA Mag

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