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Marvel’s New Spider-Man Probably Won’t Be Peter Parker

Ever since Sony and Marvel went all Henry Clay and made a great compromise to bring Spider-Man into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, everyone has been wondering which iteration of ol’ Web-Head we’d be seeing. Will it be Peter Parker, the New York nebbish with a heart of gold? Will it be Miles Morales, the Ultimate Universe’s best and brightest? Or would it be Spider-Ham, an anthropomorphic pig named Peter Porker who has risen to prominence once more as a result of Spider-Verse?

Okay, so there’s no chance in hell that it’ll be Spider-Ham, but the latest intel suggests that it won’t be Peter Parker either. Or at least not the version of Peter Parker you might expect. On today’s Nerdist News, join your friendly neighborhood Jessica Chobot as she breaks down the latest Spider-Man news faster than J. Jonah Jameson can snarl, “Parker! My office!” (Which, in case you don’t know, is really fast.)

Today’s show is brought to you by Dragon Ball Xenoverse, the new Dragon Ball Z fighting game from Bandai Namco Games. In fact, we had such a good time with it around the office that we went full Super Saiyan. And you know what they say — you never go full Super Saiyan. You can see the results later today right here on…

Thanks for watching today’s show! Be sure to check out the latest episode of Nerdist: Play in which Malik debates the value of “short” games like The Order: 1886. Then, let us know what you think of the Peter Parker/Miles Morales rumors. Who would you cast to play Peter/Miles? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. Radu says:

    What Marwell is actually doing: telling me to throw away my comic books because i was in the wrong all along, desilusioned or drugged by my parents or mind conditioned by aliens. Indolent, nostalgic, desperate to save my childhood, beyond my wishful thinking, even if aliens did exist, that’s an insult. Not racial equity, not market strategy, just plain laziness and stupidity. What they should do is use that matter between their ears and invent new stories with more diverse racial characters.

  2. Matt says:

    How bout we just leave them the way they are. Because that’s what they are. The level of stupid here is mystifying.

  3. Rant Casey says:


  4. killrockstarz says:

    Why is there much needed diversity? What does that ACTUALLY mean? 

  5. smelly butt says:

    why don’t they just make another spawn movie that doesn’t suck if they want to cast a black superhero.

  6. Dag says:

    Childish Gambino! Only Danny Glover is funny enough to play the next spidey

  7. DONALD G-LOVER says:


  8. DonaldG-LOVER says:


  9. Alex says:

    There are other skin colors other than black and white. Can we get some beautiful shades of brown? 

    That said, I’m still voting for Miles Morales over Peter Parker.

  10. war machine says:

    No. They are not enough.

  11. John Scott says:

    Not to mention Johnny Storm now! Just saying.

  12. war machine says:

    How about we just dont exist at all? Would it make you happy if we all just went away?

  13. war machine says:

    So just ignore them instead, right?

  14. war machine says:

    Yeah, cus we so believe you… Lol 

  15. ericmci says:

    Yes ignore minorities.  Is that what you want me to say?  Is that what I wrote?  People like you- yes You specifically, exacerbate sensitive issues like this.  What I said was don’t re-color *Peter Parker* it’s not a fair representation for minorities and it’s cheap.  Now here’s the part where you have to pay attention so get your troll fingers off your keyboard.Sony SHOULD use MIles for the film.We have had five movies of Peter Parker as SPider-Man a Miles Morales(who is latino and black which you might not know since you seem lite on facts)A Miles Morales Spider-Man is a wholly original character proving that a super hero and the concept of Spider-Man isn’t bound to race or ethnicity.  Peter Parker is a specific individual but SPider-Man can be anyone under that mask with those powers Miles Morales exemplifies that.

  16. Naldo says:

    you are taking his comment out of context. His response is to a person who said 3 black ppl should be enough. It’s the idea that 3 non-white characters equates to equal. The fact is, there is no equality in any of it. And the original posters claim that “they are changing an iconic characters race” is not true. Spider-Man is costume, not a race. Peter Parker is Spider-Man, Ben Reily is Spider-Man, Peter Porker is Spider-Ham, Miles Morales is Spider-Man, May-Day parker is Spider-Girl, etc. etc.  Just because it’s not Peter Parker doesn’t mean it’s not Spider-Man. 

  17. John Scott says:

    Don’t get me wrong. I love Miles!!!! And I’m willing to give new Johnny Storm a shot.

  18. John Scott says:

    You don’t think he’s too old?

  19. John Scott says:

    Miles is actually a mix. Let’s get our facts straight now.