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Marvel Artist Teases Steve Rogers’ Return as CAPTAIN AMERICA

Two years ago, Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America, was stripped of his super-soldier serum and his body reverted to that of a ninety-year old man. While Rogers didn’t retire from the life of a hero, his former partner, the Falcon (Sam Wilson), became the new Captain America in Marvel’s comic book universe. But ahead of the forthcoming film Captain America: Civil War, Rogers is set to be Cap once again!

The announcement was made during last month’s Captain America: 75 Heroic Years special on ABC. Captain America: Steve Rogers #1 will launch later this year with Nick Spencer as the writer. Over the weekend, Captain America: Sam Wilson artist Paul Renaud released a page from an upcoming issue of his series in which Rogers was fully restored to power and standing alongside Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes, both of whom have served as Captain America at previous points in time.

Captain America Steve Rogers

Marvel has already revealed that the mystery of Cap’s rejuvenation will unfold in the current Avengers: Standoff! crossover. Given that the Standoff! storyline involves a Cosmic Cube-like device that can transform people, it seems like an obvious way to restore Steve Rogers to his previous physical peak.

Sam Wilson will reportedly remain Captain America alongside Rogers, with Spencer writing two Captain America titles simultaneously. There is some precedent for that, as there are currently two Spider-Men running around in the reborn Marvel Universe, and there have been two Hawkeyes for years.

What do you think about the preview of Steve Rogers’ return as Captain America? Should Marvel maintain the two Captain America books indefinitely? Pick a side in the comment section below!


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Image Credit: Marvel Comics

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