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Make It Snow with DIY STAR WARS, GAME OF THRONES, and More Geeky Paper Snowflakes

You know how Anakin Skywalker feels about sand? That’s how I feel about snowflakes. They get everywhere, they’re cold and wet, and did I mention the part where they’re cold? I much prefer snowflakes that are made from paper. You might end up with a paper cut or two when you make them, but you’ll stay warm. That’s an acceptable trade. Bonus: Paper snowflakes are great winter and holiday crafts that you can tape to the walls or windows or place on the Christmas tree.

You can make nondescript snowflakes, but you can go geeky by downloading free templates for snowflakes inspired by Star Wars, Game of Thrones, and other franchises. You’ll just need access to a printer and some sharp scissors or X-acto knives.


Star Wars Paper Snowflakes

If you want any paper snowflakes inspired by Star Wars, head directly to Anthony Herrera Designs. He’s released new collections of snowflakes for the past two years; his intricate designs include Boba Fett, a wampa, Nien Nunb, Ahsoka Tano, and Yoda among others. You could probably create a whole yard full of paper snowflakes with his creations.


Game of Thrones Paper Snowflakes

If folding and cutting paper snowflakes was enough to take the Iron Throne, you could rule Westeros after downloading these Game of Thrones templates from Krys Higgins. The snowflakes are inspired by nine different house sigils including Houses Targaryen, Lannister, Stark, and Baratheon.


Adventure Time Paper Snowflakes

Come on, grab your friends and cut out a Lumpy Space Princess paper snowflake. Cartoon Network shared patterns for both the sassy princess and the nutty Ice King from Adventure Time, and they’re yours for the downloading. They’d look awesome printed on purple and blue sheets of paper and covered with glitter.


Minecraft Paper Snowflakes

Embrace pixels and build these Minecraft paper snowflakes from paper. Instructables user Penolopy Bulnick was inspired by Herrera’s Star Wars paper snowflakes and came up with designs featuring Minecraft weapons and creepers.


Doctor Who Paper Snowflakes

If you want to make some special Doctor Who Christmas special viewing party favors this year, turn to Oodly Crafting for several paper snowflake templates. The Tumblr user has come up with detailed designs that include that TARDIS, Cybermen, Daleks, and sonic screwdrivers among others.

If you cut out any nerdy paper snowflakes this holiday season, please share links to photos in the comments or send them to me on Twitter!

Featured image via Emily Joan. She made the Boba Fett snowflake based on Herrera’s designs!

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