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Major Details on Project Castor Revealed in New ORPHAN BLACK Images

This here post? This is Spoiler City, population: ALL OF THEM, folks. So if you’re an Orphan Black fan that wants to stay blissfully unaware as to the upcoming doings in Season Three, go ahead and click out of this post tout de suite. Ain’t nobody got time for your bellyaching about being spoiled in the comments.

OK, so now that we’ve got that settled: let’s get down to business. Orphan Black returns on April 18th, 2015 — which means we’re finally starting to get some revealing details regarding Ari Millen’s male duplicates as they join the clone club’s insane sestrahood spirals into chaos. Ain’t Television Critic Association tour time grand?

And first up? It’s a brand spankin’ new photo of one of Millen’s men — the super-unhinged Rudy (whom we all met in the shocking reveal in the Season Two finale), with a very, well, intense facial make-up choice going on. Affectionately dubbed Scarface by the series’ creators, Rudy has already been set up as a lethal, brutal, and totally unhinged Castor clone “with a sleek mohawk and a menacing scar that adds to his intimidating exterior.” Now, we guess, we can add “dramatic scene-stealer” to his resumé (something tells us he and Helena would definitely get along).

(Psst — if you click it, the picture gets bigger!)

OK, so we have a lot of questions here. Is this an image from a flash-forward, a flash-backward, or does Marian Bowles actually let him out of his cage? Who’s he shooting at? And why? The questions, they mount!

According to the show, Rudy’s not one to be trusted all that much. “Just when the sisters thought they knew their enemies and allies,” the press release explained, “they’ll learn they’re more vulnerable than ever before.”

And we got a few more details on Millen’s clones Mark, Rudy, and Miller — the three iterations we saw of him at the end of Season Two — mostly thanks to the questions the explanations posit.

First up is Mark, the Prolethean clone who defected from his military upbringing, absconding with a pregnant (with Helena’s bebies) Gracie after the fall of the Henrick Johanssen’s ranch. Naturally one must ask: who really is Mark? Was he planted in the Proletheans? Does he really love Gracie? Who holds his true allegiance?

Then there’s Rudy, all brutally nuts with his facial scar and mohawk. Also raised under the strictest of military supervisions, he’s a manipulative master-fighter type, with a similar loyalty to his clone brethren as Sarah to hers. But can we trust him? And should we be scared? Does his love of his bro-clones (a phrase we just made up) put him at odds or in alliance with Sarah and the sestras?

Last of all was the just barely glimpsed Miller, a soldier through-and-through. Does he know Paul? What, exactly, is his deal? And how does he feel about being a clone?

See what we mean on the questions front? We just have so many (and we’ll hopefully get some of the answers in our interviews with the cast here at the TCA Winter Tour, so stay tuned).

What are your thoughts and theories when it comes to the bro-clones? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I’m loving the new clones already! Gracie is just going to go insane when she finds out she has clone babies AND a clone husband.  So excited!

  2. Yeah… That didn’t really spoil anything. I was kind of hoping for more dirt.