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MADDEN 16 Predicts Super Bowl 50 Winner in a Close One

Go ahead Broncos and Panthers fans, tell yourself this doesn’t matter. Remind yourself that the result of a simulated video football game has no bearing on an actual game played and coached by actual people.

Assure yourself that you know the prediction the Madden NFL 16 simulation of Super Bowl 50 made about which team will walk away with the Lombardi Trophy on Sunday means squat. You don’t care. It’s stupid, meaningless, silly fun–nothing more.


Because half of you are going to have to pretend that’s all true when you find out who the game said will win a close, 24-20 battle.

Okay, are you ready?

According to this year’s Madden simulation the Carolina Panthers will win their first Super Bowl, and they will be led by Super Bowl MVP Cam Newton.

According to Forbes, the simulation shows a game controlled by the two defenses, but where Cam Newton (who is assured to also win the regular season MVP award), throws for 216 yards on 19 of 26 passing, with one touchdown and one interception.

In the simulated game the Panthers actually took a 17-0 lead into the half, but the Broncos closed to make it 17-13 by the end of the 3rd quarter before taking a 20-17 lead in the fourth.

Then, Carolina’s Superman led the Panthers on a game-winning drive late, that ended with a short T.D. run Newton into the end zone.

Uh, that would all be amazing.

Of course, it’s just a simulation. A simulation that has accurately called the Super Bowl winner 9 out of 12 times. That includes last year’s 28-24 Patriots win over the Seahawks exactly. Yeah, Madden nailed the score (as well as Tom Brady and Julian Edelman’s stats eerily close).

So remember Broncos fans, it doesn’t matter. You said so yourself before you knew the results. No need to worry now. Remain calm. All is well. Don’t panic.

Unless you’re up late in the fourth 20-17 and Cam Newton is driving. Then definitely panic.

Who do you think of the Madden prediction? Tell us in the comments below.

HT: Forbes

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