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MAD MAX Will Have At Least Two More Sequels Says George Miller

Gas up and get ready to ride again, because we are all going to get to WITNESS! at least two more Mad Max movies, according to director George Miller.

Speaking to Top Gear, Miller said that mind-blowing mega hit of the summer will have two more sequels, partly because he ended up with so much material from the long and difficult process he went through to get Mad Max: Fury Road made.

Miller said he was ready to film with Mel Gibson in 2001, but the American dollar collapsed against the Australian dollar following 9/11, so the financing wasn’t there. Then he was “rained out” of the  Australian desert, so they moved filming to southwest Africa. It was during this time that they began to delve deeper into the Mad Max world. “But in this process, we had dug down deep into the back story, not only of the characters, but of every vehicle,” said Miller. “How the steering wheels became religious artifacts and things like that.”

As a result they ended up with two scripts, but he is not sure which one would be in the next film.

The only downside to this news is it could be a while before we get the next film in the new series. Fury Road took eight months of difficult filming. “Every day in the heat and the dust, doing these stunts, it’s very wearing. We’ve got two more planned, but at some point in the future,” he said.

Miller wants to film something a little less “frenetic” for his next film, which is probably why he didn’t take on the Man of Steel sequel.

Which is fine, it’s totally fine, we’ll just be here waiting, and re-watching Fury Road a million times while he rests up.

Have any ideas you’d think would make for a good story in these next two films? Type them up all shiny and chrome in the comments below.

HT: Top Gear

Image: Warner Brothers

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