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What Does Luke Skywalker’s Dark New Look Mean?

When the galaxy far, far away shares a new photo of Luke Skywalker sporting his darkest look ever, there’s only one place that can bring to light what it all means: Nerdist News Talks Back. But while we have a lot to learn about the future of The Last Jedi, what secrets are there to uncover about the Joker‘s past? And will his origin movie be as much fun as The Walking Dead‘s own Pokémon Go-style game?

Piloting the ship today was The Dan Cave‘s Dan Casey, and he was joined by a Rebel Alliance of fellow Nerdist editors, the Kyles Hill and Anderson, and the newest member of our editorial team, Amy Ratcliffe. (Yay Amy!) They were live today like NNTB is every weekday at 1:00p.m. PST on Nerdist’s YouTube and Alpha channels. You should always tune in live to get your questions answered during the show, but definitely be on time tomorrow for an exciting Force Friday II preview.

But that’s tomorrow. Today was about that ominous new picture of Luke Skywalker in a very Dark Side-ish jacket.

What does Luke’s much darker look mean for The Last Jedi? Has he possibly turned to the Dark Side, or is he merely going Gray? Would a Luke struggling to walk the line between light and dark make him more interesting? Would it make the story more nuanced?

If Luke is going Dark, like he did in some of the older comics, would that change everything we’ve ever known about Star Wars? And should Lucasfilm consider using any other elements from the Expanded Universe in future movies? Mara Jade anyone? YES PLEASE.

After departing Ahch-To, the panel headed to Gotham, because every day means more Joker news. The latest reports say the Martin Scorsese produced standalone prequel will be a “dark Joker” movie. But, uh, how much darker can the freaking Joker get? And will a full origin story ruin part of what makes the character so great? What are some other DC movies they’d rather see instead?

Image: Warner Bros.

Then things got gruesome! Well, not really, but they did talk about the upcoming Walking Dead/Pokémon Go-style augmented reality game. Is there any way it will have the huge appeal the Pokémon Go AR game did? Are people going to want to go outside to kill zombies they way they wanted to capture imaginary creatures? If not, what other franchises might make for a great augmented reality?

What about a game produced by Martin Scorsese where Luke Skywaler turns to the Dark Side to fight zombies?

Okay, maybe not, but we want to hear you thoughts about all of today’s topics, so talk back to us in the comments below.

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Featured Image: Lucasfilm

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