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Breaking Down Everything from GAME OF THRONES’ Season Seven Finale

When the world’s most popular show wraps up its penultimate season with the series’ longest episode ever, and ends it with some hot/weird Targaryen aunt-on-nephew action, along with the Night King riding an ice dragon, breaking down the Wall, and marching his army of the dead into the Seven Kingdoms, that requires an extra special, super-sized edition of Nerdist News Talks Back‘s Game of Thronesonly discussion, All Kings Considered.

Oh yeah, you better believe we used up our whole CGI budget to have some blue dragonflame…or was that a blue ice…flame? Either way, we got it!

Jessica of House Chobot, Host and Protector of the Set, called her most loyal Nerdist bannermen–and bannerwomen–to help her break down everything (and we mean everything) from the episode. She was joined by managing editor Alicia Lutes (who recapped the finale), senior editor and host of The Dan Cave Dan Casey, producer Jason Nguyen, and Mothership writer Amy Vorphal.

After discussing their mixed reactions to the episode and the entire fun but uneven season, the gang discussed one of the most pressing issues facing Westeros: why did Sam steal Gilly’s annulment thunder? Slightly more important: what are the limitations to Bran’s powers, and what does that mean for the show’s endgame? And did we have to see the secret marriage of Rhaegar and Lyanna to understand it?

They also explained the significance behind Jon’s real name, Aegon, what might have been going on with all doom-and-gloom Tyrion during Jon and Dany’s personal love boat moment, and how much more complicated things can get between an aunt and nephew who are already sleeping together when they find out he has a better claim to the Iron Throne than she does (even if he is too dumb to know when to lie).

Not to mention what happens if she gets pregnant with his baby. Whose ready for a Cersei baby vs. Daenerys baby showdown?

Additionally, tune in to find out why Ned Stark had no idea Robert’s Rebellion had been built on a lie and why that means he is still the greatest man who ever lived–even if his sister was kind of an a-hole when she gave Jon the same name as Rhaegar’s poor son who had just had his head caved in by the Mountain shortly before Jon was born. That’s creepy and mean.

The Nerdist Snow-icide Squad also headed north to where the Night King is finally heading south, after his undead dragon breathed…uh…what was that exactly? Ice? Blue flame? Well, it was something that’s for sure.

But did the episode do anything to change their minds about the “Bran is the Night King” theory? And if he’s so powerful, why did he need Sam to tell him where to look for really important events? Can he at least look to find out if Beric and Tormund survived the Night King’s attack on Eastwatch?

Speaking of the Night King, what might a future dead dragon vs. live dragon fight look like? And what was his backup plan to get around the Wall if he hadn’t acquired a dragon? Will we find out in the books, and will it be via the famed Horn of Joramun?

Either way, the White Walkers did make it through, so with only six episodes left in the entire series, are we looking at six episodes of nothing but battles between the living and the dead?

The gang also bid adieu to Littlefinger. But where did he rank among the games best players, and did the show earn his end after the strange Arya/Sansa conflict this year? Plus, what’s next for them, the Vale (ugh, Robin Arryn), and even Littlefinger’s face.

House Lannister wasn’t forgotten either, including Jaime’s newfound loyalties (and how long they will last), Cersei’s brother-murdering bluffs, her mini-reunion with Tyrion, and whether she is really pregnant or not. Mark me: no!

But they also had time for all things Greyjoy too, especially Euron. Did he ever fit in this season, and how will he fit into the story in the final season? Does Theon pose any real kind of threat to him?

And what about Bronn and Podrick? The chances of ever getting Cleganebowl? Qyburn’s fascination with the wight’s severed hand? And especially Arya’s proud warrior surrogate parents, Brienne and the Hound?

Finally, what was everyone’s final verdict on the season? Did the absence of George R.R. Martin hurt? Was it too fast? Lacking in character development? And are they going to make us wait too long for the final season?

And, of course, what might happen in season eight?

Like we said, Game of Thrones‘ biggest episode ever required one of our biggest breakdowns ever.

But remember, while All Kings Considered will be going back to the Citadel to start reading prophecies and White Walker killing techniques until we get closer to season eight, you can still tune into Nerdist News Talks Back  live every weekday at 1:00p.m. PST on Nerdist’s YouTube and Alpha channels.

What did you think of the season seven finale? Talk back to us in the comments below, because there’s a whole lot to talk about.

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