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Look, Internet! It’s a T-Shirt You Can Actually Play Tetris On!

You guys, this dude/hero/gaming obsessive, Marc Kerger just made a Tetris game. On a t-shirt. That’s 100% playable. Holy cats, Internet: the future is literally RIGHT NOW.

In honor of the iconic game’s 30th anniversary, gaming enthusiast Kerger decided to celebrate the blocks on blocks on blocks with a slightly more wearable homage. In what’s likely a surprise to no one, Kerger is a bit of a programming with a knack for hardware modifications in addition to having a sweet 3-D printer handy.

Using an earlier LED hack of a Tetris pumpkin on the site Instructables, Kerger applied his programming and hardware skills in order to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the game. In what might be the ultimate wearable tribute to the game, the result was a playable Tetris t-shirt that actually has full functionality. The best part? After he finishes a level, the shirt actually levels up like the classic game, complete with a screen display of his score and the level number. All the T-shirt needs is four rechargeable AA batteries to power the game. Um, is there anything Kerber can’t do? I mean really.

Oh goddammit, this is like that Tetris business card all over again: just shut up and take my money already. Oh oh oh, and also maybe make that snake one? OH OR BETTER YET: Pong! Hey Kerber make us a pong shirt, dude! Alright, who else wants to buy one of these shirts? Surely we’re not the only one, right? Hey Kerber: get thee to an Etsy shop, STAT.

What other game would you want on a shirt? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. quamez Webb says:

    Grand theft auto

  2. LongBottomLeaf says:

    Galaga and Asteroids would be awesome!

  3. gerardo says:

    if theres a pair of pants you can play SNAKE on,ill take 2 pls

  4. Damon Jones says:

    Im sure spelling wrong and hope im remembering the right game

  5. Damon Jones says:

    I’m thinking Galaga

  6. @followingfilms says:

    Just saying… If there was a pong… THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!!!