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Longer Trailer for THE X-FILES Reveals Why We Need Mulder and Scully Back

After last night’s debut trailer for the new X-Files mini-series, Fox has released a longer, more substantial one today that gives us a much greater idea behind the impetus of Fox and Scully’s return.

“It’ll probably start on a Friday. What will seem like an attack on America, by terrorists or Russia, driven by a well-oiled, well-armed, and multinational group of elites using alien technology the governments been hiding for 70 years. Like yourself I’m a true believer. What I need is your expertise.”

That’s the pending catastrophe painted by Joel McHale’s new character to Fox Mulder, whose help he insists he needs. Of course, Mulder “can’t do this alone,” which is why he needs Scully help, even if she remains as skeptical and cautious as ever.

“I’ve seen this before. You’re on fire, believing that you’re on to some truth, that you can save the world,” she tells him. Some things never change.

It looks like the new revival will play off of modern day fears of government spying and the threat of a terrorist attack, but with the ever present alien conspiracy we all know and love about The X-Files.

Just like the first trailer released last night, we get what looks to be some past story involving the military in the desert, the return of our favorite boss, Skinner, and of course, that ominous cigarette.

January needs to hurry up and get here.

What are your best theories for this new mini-series revival? We want to hear them in the comments below.

Image: Fox/YouTube

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