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Let’s Fan Cast Daniel Radcliffe on GAME OF THRONES!

Let’s Fan Cast Daniel Radcliffe on GAME OF THRONES!

“I would love to! If they want to just bring me in and f**king kill me, I would be so happy to do that.”

-Daniel Radcliffe to Digital Spy about if he would be up for a stint on Game of Thrones

Sign. Us. Up.

Harry Potter
Seriously, how many other actors make as much sense for the show as he does? He knows all about living in a world of magic that is currently under attack by an evil army, he played a heroic child whose mother died when he was young, he’s fought in numerous battles, he knows how to ride a dragon, and he can die on film… and come back from the dead if need be. Plus he’s British. (The more we think about it, how the hell has Daniel Radcliffe not already been on Game of Thrones?)

So let’s do it. Let’s figure out how we can make this really happen, with some ideas for a role he could possibly play in season 7 next year.

Warning: There might be a few spoilers ahead, so if you get really anxious about anything like that…just read it anyway, it’s nothing big.

PROBABLY NOT, BUT WE CAN HOPE: Young Griff/Aegon Targaryen

It is doubtful the show will ever introduce Young Griff from the books, the supposed secret hidden son of The Mad King who was apparently not murdered by The Mountain (the story is that Varys swapped the real child with another baby). They already gave  Jon Connington’s story line to Jorah (Connington is “Aegon’s” protector), and it is doubtful with so few episodes left that they would suddenly introduce another (probably fake) Targaryen at this point.

But if they ever did, Radcliffe would make a ton of sense. He looks like he could be Daenerys’ slightly older brother, and then we’d all get a chance to see him in a blonde wig, which would allow us to make stupid memes about what would have happened if Harry Potter had been born a Malfoy.

Of course, there is another way for him to play a Targaryen…


Why not let him play a sibling of Daenerys, but one that would allow him to both use those boyish good looks, and also be killed pretty quickly like he wants. Any potential flashback to Rhaegar, Jon’s true father, that might be seen in another Bran vision would be perfect for Radcliffe.

“He’s too short!” you are yelling. Bollocks! The show version of Robert Baratheon, actor Mark Addy, wasn’t very tall. Kit Harington isn’t very tall, and no one doubts him as Jon Snow. And Rhaegar didn’t necessarily look like an imposing warrior even though he was.

Besides, Rhaegar and his beautiful harp playing needs to be able to pull off melancholy, likable, and charming. Radcliffe can do all of that. Plus, it would be fitting if Harry Potter’s son was the Prince-That-Was-Promised.

As great as that would be, opening up flashbacks would make this list very, very long, so what about characters we could meet in the future?


Here’s the thing, with the show ahead of the books there aren’t a ton of “unmet” characters at this point. If we haven’t seen someone from the books by now, we probably aren’t seeing them ever (yes, we’re sighing about Lady Stoneheart right now too).

Except in Oldtown.

With Sam ending up at the Citadel there actually are some characters we know from the books that might still play important roles on the show, and that includes the mysterious “Pate,” a novice of the Citadel. The real Pate is killed, but then someone claiming to be him is there when Sam shows up. The theory is that this person is really a Faceless Man (highly likely, but the books veer from the show here, so the specific theory doesn’t work for what could  potentially happen on the show).

With the news about Jim Broadbent being cast in an important role for season 7, and there being a strong possibility he will play a Maester of the Citadel (I’m #TeamMarwyn), there should definitely be some other roles around him to fill. What would be more fun than a reunion with Professor Slugworth?

If there aren’t a ton of specific characters to speculate about then, can we speculate on any possible ones that would be fun?


Remember in the House of the Undying, when the baby dragons (they grow up so fast), melted Pyat Pree? Do you then remember how another warlock, in the form of a little girl, tried to assassinate Daenerys, only for her to be saved by Ser Barristan Selmy?

Do you think the show remembers that whole thing? Wasn’t the implication there that the warlocks were not done trying to kill the Mother of Dragons? Or was that it? One little toy with a fatal bug in it?

Let Daniel Radcliffe play a murderous wizard. Let him succumb to the Voldermort part of himself and try to finish the job using magic, only to be defeated. It wouldn’t have to be a large role, he could suffer a great death, and we could make stupid memes about what would have happened in Harry Potter joined the Dark Lord.

Or if all else fails just cast him in one of the many “Northener” roles they’ll need filled this season. Harry Potter would definitely be a Stark man.

But what do you think? What part could Daniel Radcliffe play in season seven of Game of Thrones? We’re having fun fantasy casting, so give us your best ideas in the comments below.

We’ve also got some theories about that Game of Thrones spin-off:

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Harry Potter Images: Warner Bros.

Game of Thrones Images: HBO


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