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LEGO Will Unleash DC MIGHTY MICROS at San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con is so close you can taste it. From each panel announcement to waves and waves of exclusives, the anticipation is growing at an exponential rate. LEGO will once again make its presence known with the reveal of its DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros line.

Batman V Killer Moth

Reported by THR, the first wave will be three two-packs, each featuring a hero and villain. This first set has Batman with his Batcopter (the red color mirroring the 1996 movie version) and Killer Moth with what I assume is the Mothmobile.

Wonder Woman v Doomsday

Next up is Wonder Woman and, making his Lego action figure debut, Doomsday. Wonder Woman has her trusty invisible jet, while Doomsday looks to be cosplaying Fury Road (Although the 1999 Chris Jericho ponytail is a nice touch).

Superman V Bizarro

Last but not least, the Man of Steel is ready with his Supermobile to ward off Bizarro in his Bizarromobile (for lack of a better term). Fans of the old Super-Friends cartoon should definitely remember the arms on the Supermobile, which Superman used to handle Kryptonite in deep space. Why he didn’t just send Green Lantern to do it instead is a question for another day.

If you can’t make SDCC this year, fear not, for these packs will only be REVEALED at the convention. They will go on sale for EVERYONE in January 2017 for $9.99 per set.

So what do you think? Which of these sets are you going to pick up this January? Will you take the plunge and get them all? Let me know on Twitter or sound off in the comments below.

Images: Lego, Warner Home Video

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