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LEGO’s TRON: LEGACY Set is Revealed… and Enhanced!

It was only December when LEGO announced that Tron: Legacy Sam Flynn and his light cycle had been approved as the latest winner in the user-submitted LEGO Ideas contest. LEGO, like Tron/Rinzler, fights for the users, and they’ve upgraded the originally submitted design significantly. Instead of one cycle with a figure, the set includes two, plus three characters: Sam, Quorra, and Rinzler (a.k.a. Tron — unfortunately, none of the images reveal whether or not there’s a li’l Bruce Boxleitner face underneath that helmet, but we’re hoping).

There will still be a grid-inspired display base, though it has two different configurations, allowing you to display the bikes in battle or in a race.

The cycles won’t leave endless trails of light behind, but at least there’ll be the beginnings of such, and they can easily un-clip if you prefer.

Another key movie feature that breaches the translation to LEGO is the way identity discs can be stored on characters’ backs. Especially crucial when Rinzler has two.

If you peep the coloration of the neck, you can deduce that there’s gotta be a Tron-face reveal under there! Maybe.

Anyway, Quorra’s pretty awesome.

And if you’re saying to yourself, “But I loved Garrett Hedlund’s hairdo so much!” Welp, LEGO’s got this .

Per LEGO press release, the set “includes a booklet with information about its fan creator and LEGO designers, plus the lowdown on Disney’s TRON: Legacy movie and its main characters.” This implies they hope to sell some sets to people unfamiliar with the movie, suggesting that, as we wrote prior, Disney could be looking at this as a key item to sell in the gift shop at all theme parks with the Tron: Legacy rollercoaster.

None of you reading this will even need that kind of incentive, right? Will you be putting down the $34.99 to get it as soon as you’re able? Discuss in comments below.

Images: LEGO

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