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Win a Night at the LEGO House and Live Your Brick Dreams

Have you ever been tempted to build your own house out of LEGO bricks? Well, now’s your chance to spend the night in one: the newly-opened LEGO House has teamed up with Airbnb to give you the opportunity to sleep among colorful plastic bricks.

The LEGO House, which opened in mid-September, is a 130,000 square foot experience center and museum, located in Billund, Denmark, the home of LEGO. It’s filled with over 25 million LEGO bricks, including some truly impressive builds, like the 50 feet tall Tree of Creativity.

50 foot tall LEGO sculpture of a tree, with flight of stairs winding around it

The LEGO House is laid out in four colored zones, designed to encourage different types of play: the Red Zone inspires creativity, the Green Zone focuses on communication, the Yellow Zone is centered on emotions, and the Blue Zone emphasizes logic. There’s also a masterpiece gallery showing off impressive custom builds, a museum of classic LEGO sets, a LEGO-themed restaurant, and—of course—a LEGO shop. It looks like a truly amazing and incredibly fun experience.

Classic LEGO sets on display at the LEGO House

To celebrate the opening, one lucky family will be able to turn the LEGO House into their home for one night. The contest, sponsored by Airbnb, includes air travel for four to Denmark, a night’s stay at the LEGO House and a second night at a nearby hotel.

But, most appealing of all, you’ll get a personal tour of LEGO House by Jamie Berard, the LEGO Group’s senior designer and one of the greatest master builders in the world, who will share his secret tips with you. Jamie will also stick around after the LEGO House has closed to take you on a private expedition, and then he’ll return the next morning for a final surprise that will let your family “leave your footprint in LEGO House long after you leave.”

Children's bed beneath a LEGO waterfall, with LEGO teddy bear and dragon

To win, you just need to answer one question: If you and your family had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks, what would you build? The winner will be chosen based on creativity and originality, so take your time brainstorming. But not too much time, as entries must be in by November 16, 2017.

The only downside—other than the fact that we can’t all win—is that you have to stay at the LEGO House the night of Friday, November 24, 2017, which might be tough to work around Thanksgiving plans for those in the United States. But, given the choice between LEGO and drunk uncles, I know which I’d pick.

What would you build if you had an infinite supply of LEGO bricks? Tell us in the comments!

Images: The LEGO Group

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