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The LEGEND OF KORRA’s Lin Beifong Will Soon Be Bending Her Way Onto Your Shelves

Shut up and bend our money! Legend of Korra co-creator Bryan Konietzko posted his own pictures of an upcoming PVC statue of badass metalbender Lin Beifong. Lin is the daughter of the very first metalbender Toph Beifong, known best from Avatar: The Last Airbender. Both Beifongs had the distinction as serving as Republic City’s Police Chief at different points in its storied history. The third and fourth seasons of Korra expounded upon the difficult nature of the pair, and introduced viewers to Lin’s sister Suyin, who was at the center of much of their original family friction.

The figure will make its official debut at the upcoming San Diego Comic-Con and will be available in wide release later in the year from Zwyer Industries. Comic-Con attendees will have special access to the Convention Exclusive edition, which features a high-gloss paint on Chief Beifong’s armor. The Convention Exclusive edition is showcased in the gallery below. The standard edition of the figure is scheduled to be available in August for $99.

Interestingly, Zwyer Industries, the manufacturers of the Beifong statue, was founded by two former animation directors who have worked on Legend of Korra, TNMT, Star Wars: Rebels, and Young Justice. There was a small line of Avatar: The Last Airbender action figures, but none for Legend of Korra. If the sales of the Chief Beifong figure do well for Zwyer Industries, then maybe there’s hope for a more robust collection of Korra statues, busts, and *fingers crossed* action figures!

[HT: Tumblr, Brian Konietzko]

Featured Image: Zwyer Industries



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