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Legacy Music Hour #66: Racing Games 2

Brent and Rob take their second lap on the topic of Racing Games.  This time, they make a conscious effort to not play anything from Super Mario Kart, Road Rash, and F-Zero, and instead, explore lesser known games such as Final Lap Twin, Al Unser J. Turbo Racing, and GP-1.  Buckle your seat belts, start your engines, enjoy the episode, and they’ll see you at the finish line, right here, on the Legacy Music Hour.  NOTE: Regarding the end of the episode, that’s not a fart.  Full track listing below.

Game – Composer – Song – Company – Console – Year (North American release unless otherwise indicated)

Top Gear – Barry Leitch, Hiroyuki Masuno (arr.) – Bordeaux – Gremlin Graphics/ Kemco – SNES – 1992

Super Hang-On – Katsuhiro Hayashi – Outride a Crisis – Sega – Genesis – 1989

Super R.C. Pro-Am – David Wise – unknown – Rare – Game Boy – 1991

F-1 Grand Prix Part III – Naoki Itamura – Grid – Video System – Super Famicom – 1994

Al Unser Jr. Turbo Racing – Shogo Sakai, T. Miura, Yuji Suzuki, M. Iwasaki – BGM C – Data East – NES – 1990

Micro Machines – Matthew Simmonds – Character Select – Merit Studios/Ocean Software – SNES – 1994

Virtua Racing – Tohru Nakabayashi, Tomoyuki Kawamura – Records – Sega – Genesis – 1994

Final Lap Twin – Katsuhiro Hayashi – Race Music 2 (Race Mode) – Namco –
TurboGrafx-16 – 1989

Nigel Mansell’s World Championship Racing – Patrick Phelan – Sound Test 6 – Gremlin Graphics/GameTek – Genesis – 1993

GP-1 – Masanao Akahori – Menu – Genki/Atlus – SNES – 1993

Aguri Suzuki F-1 Super Driving – Motoaki Takenouchi – Machine Select – G-Amusements/Logic – Game Boy (Japan) – 1993

F1 Circus MD – Hiroshi Ogawa (?) – Blue Warm – Micronics/Nichibutsu – Mega Drive – 1991

Bump ‘n’ Jump – unknown – Scene 2 – Data East/Vic Tokai – 1988

Super Chase H.Q. – Yasuhisa Watanabe Naoto Yagishita, Adon Suemura, Jag – Round 2 – Taito – SNES – 1993

Super Monaco GP – Tokuhiko Uwabo – The Bitterness – Sega – Genesis – 1990

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  1. KM says:

    good show! gems I’m glad to see appear in it: top gear, nigel mansell world championship. as a kid I used to put NMWC on and spend a while with the title music playing before getting on with the racing.

    barry leitch has done some amazing soundtracks for C64/amiga games and his work on top gear rally for the N64 was great, very amiga-ish. it’s almost a shame that you don’t cover music from non-consoles of the era since his theme for lotus turbo challenge 2 is classic vgm and would have fit the theme.