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Lea Thompson Reunites with HOWARD THE DUCK in the Marvel Universe

There are some spoilers ahead for Howard the Duck # 8, so consider yourself warned!

Thirty years ago, Lea Thompson starred in the ill-fated live-action adaptation of Marvel’s Howard the Duck. Now, Thompson is reuniting with Howard in Marvel’s comic book universe. The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that Thompson has lent her name and likeness to Marvel Comics for a two-issue storyline that begins in Wednesday’s Howard the Duck # 8. In other words, Thompson herself will be the character the story.

“We started planning this over a year ago, and a lot of the current storyline has been building toward this appearance, so it makes sense in-story and isn’t just a stunt,” said writer Chip Zkarsky. Marvel also released photo of Thompson posing with Howard the Duck artist Joe Quinones holding the first page in which she appears.

Lea Thompson and Joe Quinones

If that’s not crazy or meta enough, the storyline will actually tie into the Howard the Duck movie! As part of his current status quo, Howard is working a private investigator. Thompson will hire Howard to find out why she is missing time and memories, and the answers will lead straight back to the infamous 1986 film.

Additionally, Thompson will come face-to-face with Beverly Switzler, the character she played in Howard the Duck. Within the Marvel Universe, Beverly was formerly Howard’s girlfriend before their recent separation. She’s currently studying veterinary medicine, while Thompson’s Beverly was a lead singer in a band that performed the theme song for the movie.

“My career goes into a 100 different directions, and I embrace them all,” Thompson told THR. “They asked me to appear in the comic and I was like, ‘Sure, why not?’”

Are you looking forward to Thompson’s comic book guest appearance? Let us know in the comment section below!

Featured Image: Universal Pictures

Image: Marvel Comics

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