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LAW & ORDER: GAME OF THRONES Gives Tyrion the Dick Wolf Treatment

Every good season of Game of Thrones has at least one epic Tyrion Lannister speech. And Season 4’s masterstroke (spoiler alert, obviously) — his game-changing “trial by combat” declaration in the middle his trial for the murder of Prince Joffrey — from “The Laws of Gods and Men” was no exception. In fact the stirring little ditty has spawned a couple homages across the Internet in addition to this new video: a mash-up of ubiquitous Dick Wolf program, Law & Order, with the show of fire and ice that we’ve all come love so much. Dun-dun.

After all, where better to situate a stirring courtroom speech crafted to test the limits of the audience’s own understanding both of justice and their own prejudices than Law & Order? Now if only the video actually came through on its promise of Ice-T and Ser Pounce because hoo boy is that ever a pairing we can get down on. Actually, what we’d really love is for Ice-T to come to Westeros and team up with Ser Pounce to fight crime and solve the myriad mysterious disappearances that take place on the daily in the Red Keep and beyond. Ice with his no-nonsense attitude, Pounce with the sort of brazen curiosity that would break lesser felines? Yup.

It could be a real Turner & Hooch situation, only Hooch is a royal cat and Turner is a no-nonsense, non-Tom Hanks type who tells it like it is. We would watch that. Hey Internet: you know what to do.

What other Westeros/Law & Order crossovers would you like to see? Let us hear ’em in the comments.

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  1. ryan says:

    This is amazing.  If they wanted to add more to this they could of used season 1 footage of Tyrion in the Eyrie

  2. Ben Johnson says:

    *Spoilers ahoy*

    No Law and Order ones, but I do have a Batman reference:

    Prince Oberyn: Not the champion Tyrion deserves, but the one he needs…