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Latest FLASH/ARROW Crossover Image Finds Hawkman and Hawkgirl All Locked Up

Last year’s Flash/Arrow crossover gave us arguably the greatest superhero battle ever depicted on live-action television (in Flash‘s “Flash vs. Arrow”). So fans will be understandably psyched to hear from both series’ executive producer Andrew Kreisberg that this year’s crossover looks to top it, if only in sheer size.

“It’s a superhero a-go-go!” Kreisberg said of the two-night event that introduces Hawkman and Hawkgirl to the DCTVU, in an origin story featuring longtime DC villain Vandal Savage. “It’s insane to have them all together,” Kreisberg told TVInsider.

“This is a crazy, full-on ‘To Be Continued’ crossover,” says Kreisberg’s fellow Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, adding that it “really feels like a 2-hour movie [airing] over two nights.” (Last year’s crossover was presented as two separate stories.)

Kreisberg explains that fans should look forward to plenty of laughs from both shows’ supporting cast, including more of Digg being blown away by the Flash’s powers and more “Baricity” moments. (And no, Ms. Smoak is not leaving Mr. Queen for Mr. Allen.)

The most heartening news is that these episodes won’t just be laying the foundation for next year’s spinoff series Legends of Tomorrow (featuring the Hawks along with White Canary, Firestorm, Captain Cold, Hat Wave, and the Atom).

“These [episodes] have important stuff going on for the narratives of both The Flash and Arrow,” says Kreisberg.

“The final moments of The Flash have a pretty big jaw-dropper and we pick up those threads in Arrow,” says Guggenheim. “Then we do some things with the characters from Arrow…that are pretty epic and major.”

As TVInsider points out, Smallville featured a similarly sized grouping of DC heroes for its Justice Society episode, but most fans would agree that Flash and Arrow have presented a much more faithful adaptation of the company’s comic universe thus far. Here’s the latest image from the crossover event, airing on December 1st (The Flash‘s “Legends of Today”) and 2nd (Arrow‘s “Legends of Yesterday”) on the CW, which finds the Hawks in a bit of trouble with their newfound friends:

Flash Arrow

Are you a Flarrow fan? Are you as stoked as I am for this year’s crossover? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter!

Image Credits: CW

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