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Kylo Ren Becomes Matt the Radar Tech on SNL

“Hearing that Zach lost his son really struck a nerve with me.

Especially because I’m the one who killed him.”

Those are the types of insights you can only get when you take a moment to step away from trying to control the galaxy with the Dark Side and, instead, you try to learn something about the lives of your employees. However, when you’re Kylo Ren and you suffer from self-doubt and anger issues, it is kind of hard to hide who you really are.

It’s also hard to hide who you are when you start Force-choking people and whipping out your trisaber.

Adam Driver made his Saturday Night Live hosting debut this weekend, and in a pre-taped piece his The Force Awakens character tried to discover what underlings on the Starkiller Base do every day and what they think of their Dark Side leader by going on Undercover Boss as Matt, a radar technician. I’d say the results were…mixed.


There’s a lot of great stuff going on here, from Kylo Ren’s boiling rage, whether he hears what he wants to hear or not, to him giving a rainbow card to the father whose stormtrooper son he killed, to everything about the “crappy” lightsaber he uses.

However, Leslie Jones screaming at Kylo Ren to hurry up and finish the job so she can go have her muffin was like watching the greatest fan-fiction of all-time come to life.

Of course, all of those people on Starkiller Base are dead now. So let that sink in now.

What was your favorite part of this sketch? Tell us below.

Images: NBC

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