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Kit Harington’s Answers For Jonathan Ross’ “Lie Detector” Were (Literally) Shocking

George RR Martin, the brass at HBO, and the cast and crew of Game of Thrones might all be tight-lipped about the fate of Jon Snow, but none of them had to face Jonathan Ross’ Stone of Truth the way Kit Harington did, and his answers were shocking. No, we mean that quite literally–the Stone of Truth gave him electric shocks when his answers weren’t good enough.

On The Jonathan Ross Show, Harington had to put his hand inside the Stone of Truth before answering questions from the host about Jon Snow. He was told he could give three possible answers: yes if he could answer (since, he can’t actually tell us anything), no if he couldn’t, and “I know nothing” for anything else.

Now, this wasn’t actually a lie detector, but it was a form of honesty-inducement. The “Stone” gave him a shock “depending on the quality” of his answer, as opposed to the truth behind it.

“Are you dead?”


You better believe that was a shock. (It’s pretty funny that Harington was surprised that he would really get a jolt.)

“Is there any nudity in the next series (a.k.a. season)?”

“I know nothing.”

Bull. It’s more surprising when their isn’t. That deserved two shocks.

“Do you become a White Walker?”


I don’t want to read too much into any of this…, no that’s exactly what I want to do. I think he forgot that “no” meant “no I can’t answer this question” and genuinely said no to that theory. Hmm….very interesting.

Well, either way, Jon Snow is coming back and soon we can all look back fondly on this time period, where everyone involved with the show had to pretend like wasn’t returning, with a weird fondness.

What would you have asked Harington when he was facing the Stone of Truth? Tell us in the comments below.


Image: The Jonathan Ross Show/YouTube

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