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Meet Kismet, A Gorgeous New VR Fortune Teller Experience

I’m terrified of virtual reality. Not in a Skynet, Matrix, the machines-are-taking-over kind of way, but in a “Ahh, it looks so real, I can’t handle what my brain is processing” kind of way. I grew up with Nintendo‘s Virtual Boy with its red vector graphics so slapping on the Oculus Rift was a mind-blower, and a bit too intense for me. But the VR experience doesn’t have to just be alien-fighting and flight simulators; it can also be used to take you to a strange world where your future is told to you, thanks to Kismet.


Developed by award-winning creative studio Psyop, Kismet is a daily fortune teller that can tell you your past, present, future, and can even play a game with you. Remember those old coin-operated fortune teller machines like in the movie Big? Well, imagine one of those that’s completely attuned to the placement of the stars in the sky and your own personal information. You can get a daily tarot card reading (“The Cards”), a horoscope and astrology reading (“The Stars”), and play an ancient board game Ur (“The Game of Wit”) . The readings are done based on your birth date and the alignment of the actual planets and stars in the sky. It’s real-time updated, folks, so it’ll be as accurate as any such fortune telling thing can be.

Each element of the game is painstakingly designed by David Chontos, the writer and director behind Kismet. The little touches make for a dazzling experience, from moving tarot cards you can collect with each reading (pictured in the gallery below), to Kismet’s curious cat Sphinx, who purrs louder as she gets closer.


Kismet is available starting today, May 2, via SteamVR for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. For the first week, it’ll be $4.99 before bumping up to $6.99 thereafter. Find more info at KismetVR’s website, and get a sneak peek of the VR experience in this 360 play-through:

I’m both terrified and intrigued. Let us know if you are too in the comments below!

Image: Psyop

Kyle Anderson is the Associate Editor for Nerdist. Follow him on Twitter!


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