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KEY AND PEELE Reveal Stan Lee’s Next Great Superhero Team in New Sketch

How much do we here at Nerdist HQ love Key and Peele? Let me count the ways! (But later, like, in private because that’s a total waste of your time and not at all pertinent here.) The duo’s brand of sketch comedy spans a whole manner of interests and worlds — including the Marvel Cinematic Universe, largely run by the genius mind of comics creator and all-around icon, Stan Lee. Unfortunately, it seems, the man’s ideas and creativity have seen better days.

First making its debut at this year’s Comic-Con, this particular Key and Peele sketch highlights just how hard getting old has been on Stan Lee — at least in his creative pursuits. His touchstones are no longer the struggle of the modern man, but of one a little bit farther along in his timeline, dealing with imbalance issues and frequent urination. My oh my how things have changed since the Stan Lee heyday of 1962.

Thanks to the impressive chokehold the almighty Lee has on Marvel-dom in general, it should come as little-to-no surprise that everything comes together in the end thanks to a stroke of inspiration on his part. Behold! We may just have a new superteam that rivals that of The Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, combined! Say hello to the most realistic of options — the fired team of executives, should they not bend to Lee’s will. Hey, at least they’re racially diverse, eh?

What are some failed Stan Lee characters you imagine he’d create? Which ones would you like to see? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. Nicholas S. says:

    They showed this at Comic Con?  Seems kinda disrespectful…

  2. LAB says:

    Genius!  Personally, I ‘d buy a copy of Road Rage.